Foil utrullad

Foil 230 V

Parallel-resistive heating foil


  • Underfloor heating for wooden floors, laminate floors and linoleum
  • Underfloor heating only for dry areas
  • Placed on concrete, plaster or chipboard
  • Folie
  • 65 W/m²
    65 W/m²
  • Löpmeter
    Running metres
  • Extremely low installation height
  • Available in several widths
Heating foil for underfloor heating for wood, laminate and linoleum floors. The foil may only be placed in dry areas. Sold in running metres.

Foil 230 V


Specification Data
Connection voltage 230 V
Max connection area at 10 A, max. 35 m²
Output 65 W/m²
Installation temperature, min. 5 ºC
Insulation material outer PET
Max Ambient temperature 80 °C

The product is included in:


25 års garanti









12 year product guarantee in case of material defects. The thermostat in the kit has a 5-year product guarantee. The guarantee period for the underfloor heating is extended to 25 years if the installation is carried out by an authorised electrician and documented in Ebeco's Garantera service.

Our warranty terms


Flooring materials

Check whether the material is suitable for use in combination with underfloor heating with the floor supplier.

The maximum permissible thermal resistance of the floor material is 0.16 m² K/W.


Ebeco's Foil may only be installed in dry areas.

Installed on concrete, plaster or chipboard floor structures.

Industry guidelines for wood/laminate and linoleum on underfloor heating

General conditions:

The maximum permissible surface temperature is 27°C. This also applies under carpets and furniture.

A thermostat with room and floor sensors (overheating protection) must be used.

Installed output

65W/m². Consider the room's output demand, which is determined by how well insulated it is, its air circulation and the outdoor temperature.

See manual for further instructions.

Materials and accessories

Foil lager

Construction 1 is used for wood/laminate flooring as a surface covering.

  1. Existing floor (chipboard or concrete)
  2. Ebisol insulation board 3/6 mm
  3. Ebeco Foil 0.3 mm
  4. Durable plastic foil 0.2 mm
  5. Wood/laminate flooring (min 7 mm, max 15 mm)
Foil lager

Construction 2 is used for plastic mats/vinyl/fitted carpets as a surface covering.

  1. Existing floor (chipboard or concrete). Also in combination with, for example, linoleum.
  2. Ebisol insulation board 3/6 mm
  3. Ebeco Foil 0.3 mm
  4. Durable plastic foil 0.2 mm
  5. Tongue and groove renovation board, min 5 mm
  6. Plastic mats/vinyl/fitted carpet