Ebisol 3 mm
Energy Saver


Base/Insulation board


  • For underfloor heating under wooden and laminate flooring
  • For dry areas
  • Suitable for both wood and concrete subflooring
  • Värmeledningsförmåga
    (λ) 0.034 W/mK
  • (R) 0,086-0,143 m²K/W
    (R) 0.086-0.17 m²K/W
  • Tjocklek 3, 6 mm
    3.6 mm
  • Energy-efficient installation
  • Step sound attenuation
  • Replaces traditional floor foam
Ebisol is an energy-efficient base board intended for use under wood and laminate floors. The board has very good impact sound attenuation properties as well as high insulation ability. Ebisol is flexible and can be laid on most surfaces. It is easy to cut and adapt to the surface.



Specification Data
Flash point > +380 ºC
Continuous temperature, max. 70 ºC
Compressive strength (EN 16354) 90 kPa
Impact sound attenuation (EN 16354) ≤ 22 dB
Solubility High resistance to acids and bases. Soluble in organic solvent
Material HFPS foam
Melting point 100 ºC
Water repellent 100 %
Thermal conductivity, λ 0.034 W/mK



25 års garanti









12 year product guarantee in case of material defects. The thermostat in the kit has a 5-year product guarantee. The guarantee period for the underfloor heating is extended to 25 years if the installation is carried out by an authorised electrician and documented in Ebeco's Garantera service.

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