About Ebeco

Om Ebeco byggnad

Heating is our passion

Ebeco is a family business and we have been working on heating solutions since Ebbe Larsson founded the company in the late seventies. It started with underfloor heating and for 40 years we have presented a number of innovations that have come to shape the whole heating cable market.  

Today, we offer the market's widest and most complete range of heating solutions in four business areas: indoors, outdoors, construction and industry. 

We work closely with our customers

Our head office is located in Göteborg, where a staff of around 30 people work. Our central warehouse is located here, close to our customers. We also have a sales office in Stockholm and retailers across the country. This means that we can quickly deliver both products and support to the entire market, regardless of where our customers are. Internationally, we are represented with our own subsidiaries in Finland and Denmark and with a number of distributors in several European countries.

What drives us is the aim of simplifying our customers' everyday lives. And that involves everything from smart product innovations and services to fast delivery and reliable support.  

Simple and safe

No matter what your heating needs are, you can rest assured that you'll find it easy to work with Ebeco. We are there for you. From the project planning stage all the way to the finish.

Our business is conducted with respect for the environment and the people who live in it. We develop sustainable, modern and energy-efficient heating solutions and are always striving to make improvements. Our goal is to reduce our impact on the environment.