Underfloor heating for hotel bathrooms

When a guest checks into a hotel, high comfort in the room is expected, including a warm and pleasant bathroom floor as a part of the experience. At the same time, the hotel operator wants to optimize energy consumption with good heating control to keep the cost down. Ebeco offers solutions that significantly reduce the hotel's electricity costs. More efficient control makes it easier to monitor and reduce energy use while ensuring guest comfort is maintained.

Hotellrum med golvvärme

We recommend installing comfort floor heating in hotel bathrooms to keep electricity consumption down while simultaneously keeping comfort. Ebeco's thermostats EB-Therm 500 and EB-Therm 800 feature what we call the hotel program, which means that heating is controlled remotely.

Comfort floor heating

Comfort floor heating aims to keep the floors pleasant to walk on, meaning they are not perceived as cold. The comfort floor heating also has a drying effect and is used as a complement to other primary heat sources. The comfort heat function limits the maximum adjustable temperature range for the user and is advantageously used in low-power solutions, which are excellent for hotels.

The Hotel program optimizes the control

The hotel program allows the heat to be controlled via the remote control input, for example, an external card reader, KNX actuator, managed via the booking system or similar.

The thermostats EB-Therm 500 which are placed in the room alt. EB-Therm 800 which mounts hidden in the electrical central, have this built-in function and also have an integrated time relay function for lag time, for drying. Temperature settings automatically switch when the hotel guest arrives or leaves the room, and the lag time is fully adjustable. This makes it easy to determine how long the heat should stay on for drying after the guest has left the room. For the EB-Therm 500, the guest can only adjust the floor heating to a maximum of 23 °C. Other functions are locked.

Thanks to the floor heating only being activated when the guest is in the room, consumption can be efficiently controlled, and energy usage significantly reduced.

Thermoflex, EB-Therm 500, EB-Therm 800

Energy-efficient solutions

We recommend Thermoflex with a power of 60 W/m². This comfort floor heating solution is easy to install and cost-effective since the heating cable is pre-mounted on a self-adhesive mat.

Together with either the EB-Therm 500 or EB-Therm 800 thermostat, you get an energy-efficient solution with a hotel program and the possibility to control via an external signal, e.g., card reader.