EB-Connect open
EB-Connect framifrån
EB-Therm 500 montering av EB-Connect (sprängskiss)
EB-Therm 500 montering av EB-Connect (sprängskiss)
Wallflex 500 och EB-Connect WiFi installation
WiFi symbol

EB-Connect WiFi

WiFi module


  • WiFi control of Ebeco's 500 series
  • Enables control via app and open API
  • Extended calendar function
  • Energy and cost monitoring
  • Google Home Assistant Support
EB-Connect WiFi plays an important role in our WiFi READY concept. With the help of the WiFi module, which is inserted into the thermostat, EB-Therm 500 and the electric convector Wallflex 500 can be developed to a system that can be controlled via the Ebeco Connect app or the open API. In the app, energy use is presented in a clear way while the calendar and alarms functions are made available via push notifications or emails. All functions of the thermostat can be accessed from the app.

EB-Connect WiFi


Specification Data
Dimensions 4*2 cm
Frequency band 2,4 GHz
Max output 20 dBm
Protocol IEEE 802.11b/g/n


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