EB Therm 500
EB-Therm 500 montering av EB-Connect (sprängskiss)
EB-Therm 500 montering av EB-Connect (sprängskiss)
WiFi Ready & Energy Saver

EB-Therm 500

Floor heating thermostat with floor and room sensors


  • Home environment
  • Public environment, suitable for hotels
  • Small snow melting installations
  • Färgdisplay
    Colour display
  • Energiprogram
    Energy program
  • Touch
  • WiFi READY: The thermostat can be connected to WiFi
  • Energy efficient
  • Clear and easy to navigate
The underfloor heating thermostat, EB-Therm 500, has several individually adjustable energy saving programs and colour display with easy and clear navigation. The thermostat is "WiFi READY", or prepared for WiFi. With the accessory, EB-Connect WiFi, the underfloor heating system can be controlled via the Ebeco Connect app, Tibber, Google Home or the open API. EB-Therm 500 supports eight different sensor types and is suitable for the most common frame systems. The thermostat also shows energy consumption and history in a clear way.

EB-Therm 500


Specification Data
Connection voltage 230 VAC ±10 %, 50–60 Hz
Adapted for frame systems Schneider Exxact, ELKO Plus/RS
Colour White (RAAL 9003 & 9010)
App control possible Yes
Load 1 Cos φ
Power consumption < 0,5 W
Remote control Wi-Fi
Extension sensor cable, max. 50 m, 2 * 1,5 mm²
Underfloor temperature range 5 ºC - 35 ºC
Power reserve 36 h
Enclosure class IP21
Operating differential ± 0.3ºC
Air temperature range 5 ºC - 35 ºC
Protection class Class II
Temperature limiter 5 ºC - 35 ºC


5 års garanti









Ebeco AB provides a 5-year product guarantee in the event of material defects.

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Thermostat with smart features

In addition to its usual energy-saving programs, EB-Therm 500 also has a number of smart functions that mean that the thermostat has many uses. 


The Hotel program allows the heat via the remote control entrance to be controlled with, for example, an external card reader, KNX actuator or similar. The thermostat also has an integrated time relay function for after-heating time. Temperature settings switch automatically when the hotel guest enters or exits the room and the after-heating duration is fully adjustable. This makes it easy to determine how long the heating should be running for drying after the guest has left the room. The guest can only adjust the underfloor heating between, for example, 22-26 °C. Other functions are locked.

Comfort underfloor heating

Comfort underfloor heating is intended to make the floors comfortable to walk on, that is to say not perceived as cold. Comfort underfloor heating also provides a drying effect and is used to complement other primary heat sources. The comfort heating function limits the maximum adjustable temperature range for the user and can be advantageously used in low-power solutions.

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Homes for the elderly, special/temporary accommodation, schools, public areas

Thanks to the comfort heating program, the thermostat can also be adapted for other public spaces where you do not want the user to be able to raise the temperature too much. With the help of a jumpered remote control input on the thermostat, the possibility for the user to exceed the preset maximum allowable temperature value, for example 25°C, is locked. 

Small snow melting installations

EB-Therm 500 can be used with the ground heating program and its timer function for smaller snow melting installations for garden paths, residential entrances, garage driveways and smaller roof installations. The timer function is activated manually and the outdoor temperature must be below the set point to start the facility. An encapsulated sensor is connected to the thermostat, which measures the outdoor temperature. The heating installation is turned on/off for any sudden changes in temperature.