Thermostats for underfloor heating

The thermostat is the heart and brains of the heating system. It is what regulates how much of the installed output is used. A smart control system keeps an even temperature and is decisive for energy consumption.

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Our thermostats

Ebeco's EB-Therm range consists of underfloor heating thermostats developed for simple, smooth and energy-efficient control of underfloor heating. All our underfloor heating kits include a thermostat, but they can also be bought separately.

Even if you already have underfloor heating, it might be worth thinking about replacing the thermostat with a modern model with an energy saving program. This is an investment that can soon pay for itself in lower energy consumption and improved comfort.

EB Therm 500

Modern thermostat with WiFi support

EB-Therm 500

EB-Therm 500 is a modern, WiFi-ready thermostat. The thermostat is part of Cable Kit 500, Foil Kit 500 and Thermoflex Kit 500 and provides you, as an installer, with a unique opportunity to offer flexible solutions to your customers. Our new WiFi concept, WiFi Ready, gives you the freedom to choose. One thermostat - multiple options, with and without WiFi. 

WiFi-ready thermostat

Together with the EB-Connect WiFi accessory, the underfloor heating system can easily be controlled with the Ebeco Connect app. As EB-Therm 500 has an open API, it is also possible to allow the installation to be part of your smart home. 

Numerous benefits of EB-Therm 500

EB-Therm 500 has been developed with the installer in mind. The thermostat is therefore easy to handle and install. The shallow installation depth means the cable easily fits in the box. There is also a clear and easy-to-understand start-up guide to make it easy. Everything to make it easier for the installer. The thermostat has room and floor sensors plus a built-in countdown timer feature that shows when the underfloor heating can be started after screeding. The thermostat has a clear colour display with capacitive touch zones and has self-instructing menus with clear icons.

Benefits that make it easier for the installer:

  • Reinforced insulation (according to EN 60730) and thereby more durable for voltage peaks
  • Supports eight different sensor types, making the thermostat the ultimate solution for home improvements
  • Suitable for the most common frame systems on the market
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EB-Therm 205

EB-Therm 205 has two energy saving programs

EB-Therm 205

EB-Therm 205 is an underfloor heating thermostat with backlit LCD display and energy saving program, where times and temperatures are adjusted individually. EB-Therm 205 is the solution when you want an energy smart alternative. EB-Therm 205 is included in Cable Kit 200 and Thermoflex Kit 200

With energy saving program

EB-Therm 205 has two individually adjustable energy saving programs. They are based on a principle as simple as it is clever: make sure it is only warm when you need it. To make things easier for you, our thermostat can control itself. For example it can automatically lower the heating when you are at work or sleeping and then make sure it is warm again when needed. All you need to remember is to start the program. 

Precise regulation

The thermostat can regulate the temperature in three different ways; underfloor thermostat, room thermostat or a combination of both. There is adjustable overheating protection that also makes it suitable for e.g. wooden floors, which must not get hotter than 27°C. You can therefore use​​​​​​​ EB-Therm 205 to control underfloor heating for all types of floors, even sensitive materials.

The automatic ventilation function cuts of the heat for 15 minutes if the temperature falls more than three degrees in a minute.

The heat symbol shows whether the heating cable is on or off or if there is a fault in the system. The display always stays lit for 30 seconds after the last time a button was pressed. Then the lighting is dimmed. You can also adjust it so that it goes off altogether. The display contrast is adjustable.

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Our simplest thermostat

EB-Therm 55

EB-Therm 55 is an underfloor heating thermostat with analogue control knob. EB-Therm 55 is the solution when you want a simple thermostat.

Maintains an even heat

All our thermostats are controlled by microprocessors. This means that the thermostat collects data from the time it is started and uses this to calculate when to turn on and off. This keeps temperature fluctuations to a minimum, which gives an even heat and lower energy consumption. The temperature in the floor fluctuates less than +/- 0.3 °C.

The EB-Therm 55 thermostat is now equipped with a room sensor and can be used in three different ways: as an underfloor thermostat, room thermostat or a combination of the two.

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EB-Therm 800 front

DIN-mounted thermostat

EB-Therm 800

EB-Therm 800 is a unique DIN-mounted thermostat in standard design that allows you to choose between four different operating modes. As a professional installer, you only need to have one thermostat model in stock to cover most kinds of control needs.

Wide range of uses

This thermostat has a wide range of uses and is suitable for underfloor heating in home environments, as well as in industrial processes with high temperatures. We have produced EB-Therm 800 focussing on you as a user, which you will notice in the simplicity of everything from installation to menu navigation and setting.

Suitable for hotels

EB-Therm 800 has a built-in hotel program that allows the heating to be controlled via an external card reader with a delay, since the thermostat now has an integrated time relay function. Temperature settings switch automatically when the hotel guest enters or exits the room and the after-heating duration is fully adjustable. This makes it easy to determine how long the heating should stay on after the guest has left the room. 

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