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Orders and Tech support


  • Eric Strömmer
    Sales Northen Sweden
    eric [dot] strommer [at] ebeco [dot] se
  • Håkan Wirén
    Sales Stockholm
    hakan [dot] wiren [at] ebeco [dot] se
  • Ronnie Backebro
    Sales Stockholm
    ronnie [dot] backebro [at] ebeco [dot] se
  • Dennis Franzén
    Sales Mid Sweden
    dennis [dot] franzen [at] ebeco [dot] se
  • Johnny Lennartsson
    Sales West Sweden
    johnny [dot] lennartsson [at] ebeco [dot] se
  • Tommy Goman
    Sales South Sweden
    tommy [dot] goman [at] ebeco [dot] se
  • Kristian Larsson
    Export Sales Manager
    kristian [dot] larsson [at] ebeco [dot] se


  • Magnus Johansson
    Distriktsansvarig Väst
    magnus [dot] johansson [at] ebeco [dot] se


  • Emil Trollvik
    Purchasing manager
    emil [dot] trollvik [at] ebeco [dot] se
  • Robert Scharnke
    Warehouse Team Leader
    robert [dot] scharnke [at] ebeco [dot] se
  • Stefan Alfredsson
    Warehouse Operator
    stefan [dot] alfredsson [at] ebeco [dot] se
  • Piotr Jamrozek
    Warehouse Operator
    lager [at] ebeco [dot] se
  • Frida Björk
    Lageroperatör (Föräldraledig)
    lager [at] ebeco [dot] se

Product development

  • Peter Gustavsson
    Product Manager
    peter [dot] gustavsson [at] ebeco [dot] se
  • Magnus Svanberg
    Product Engineer
    magnus [dot] svanberg [at] ebeco [dot] se
  • Henrik Donner
    Produktkoordinator kvalitet & miljö
    henrik [dot] donner [at] ebeco [dot] se
  • Ebbe Larsson
    Business development
    ebbe [dot] larsson [at] ebeco [dot] se


  • Karolina Åhlander
    Marketing Manager
    karolina [dot] ahlander [at] ebeco [dot] se


  • Eva-Lena Gustafsson
    eva-lena [dot] gustafsson [at] ebeco [dot] se


  • Martin Larsson
    Managing Director
    martin [dot] larsson [at] ebeco [dot] se