General delivery terms


In general, general delivery regulations NL 09 apply with the additions below, as well as specific guarantee conditions for certain product categories.

Delivery terms

All delivery costs refer to the price free carrier (FCA Ebeco, Incoterms 2010) unless otherwise noted. Ordered goods are normally delivered the day after an order is placed unless special agreements have been concluded. Orders are shipped in packaged units or on pallets via a forwarding agent. If the transport is conducted via Ebeco’s forwarding agent, the customer will be charged according to current rates. Any transport damage must be recorded on the bill of lading upon receipt in order to be valid. These terms apply for deliveries within Sweden.


No prices are listed on the website or in the catalogues; a separate current price list applies. The prices indicated always refer to the price excluding VAT, 25%. Ebeco reserves the right to raise prices in the event of circumstances beyond our control. Price adjustments can be made without prior notice.

Terms of payment

Credit period normally 30 days net, unless otherwise agreed. After the due date, penalty interest will be charged at 10%. Any objections regarding an invoice must be submitted within 8 days after receipt to be valid. Customary credit checks are made.


Purchased items may be returned. Refunds are made with a return deduction of 20% if the item is returned undamaged in the original packaging. If the item is not in undamaged condition, Ebeco is entitled to levy a higher return deduction. Custom or modified products may not be returned. Returns sent COD will not be accepted. All product returns must be approved in advance by Ebeco. Contact Ebeco on +46 31-70 775 50 or at for further information about returns.

Product modifications

Ebeco reserves the right to make design modifications that can affect the performance of the product. Current product specifications are available, in addition to that mentioned, at, in the catalogue, on product sheets and in the installation instructions.


The guarantee period for products is normally 2 years, unless otherwise stated. See guarantee terms.


Ebeco is not liable for any form of subsequent costs that may arise due to faulty products or failure to follow installation instructions, such as loss of production, loss of reimbursement or other indirect damage for buyers, or goods transferred to a third party. This also applies to damage to the product caused by the purchaser or a third party.


Since January 2010, Ebeco, like many other industry businesses, has adopted the general delivery terms and conditions described in ALEM 09 for products sold in extensive contracts. This document has been drawn up by the Swedish Electrical Contractors’ Association (EIO) and the Swedish Electrical Wholesalers Federation (SEG).

We apply ALEM 09 provided that a special agreement is reached and with the following additions:

  • ALEM 09 complaint form must be used in writing for complaints. This is the basis for obtaining a complaint number from Ebeco. In contracts, the object must be inspected in the installed environment before a decision is made regarding a complaint. Documentation of procurement, purchase confirmation or invoice from the purchase must be attached to the form by the customer.
  • Assembly, installation, inspections and maintenance must be carried out in accordance with the supplier's instructions and in accordance with Swedish standards.
  • The customer makes all complaints together with Ebeco, cooperation must take place in all cases. We have the right to refuse a complaint if a decision has been made without our approval.
  • Supplement to section 23 ALEM 09 - Returns. Custom products are not refunded. Refunds are made on products in undamaged packaging with a return deduction of 20%. If the item is not in undamaged condition, Ebeco is entitled to levy a higher return deduction.
  • The customer is responsible for all information being delegated in their organisation so that the additions described above and other things in ALEM 09 are followed.


For contact with Ebeco regarding ALEM 09 or complaint: E-mail the complaint form to:

For other questions and contact, please call customer support: +46 31- 707 75 50

More information about ALEM 09 from SEG.