Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating can heat everything from a small bathroom to an entire house. Ebeco has the solutions for warm floors in every room. But there are various things to take into account, depending on conditions, subflooring and flooring materials.

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Electric or water-borne underfloor heating?

When it comes to underfloor heating there are two main types of system – electric underfloor heating or water-borne underfloor heating. Which system is most suitable depends on the conditions and surface it will be laid on.

For small renovations of single rooms it is often easiest and most appropriate to use electric underfloor heating. For more extensive renovation or new builds, water-borne underfloor heating is a common solution.

Electric underfloor heating is connected directly to the electrical network, which means that if you renovating a single room such as a bathroom, hall or cellar, you can use it without the central heating system. Installing electric underfloor heating usually means considerably lower costs. In addition to the flexibility of installation, electric underfloor heating is a quicker system with lower build height. This means that electric underfloor heating is always a good option when renovating, where you want warm and comfortable floors.

For larger areas, such as in new builds or for extensive renovation, operating costs may be lower with water-borne underfloor heating. However, this requires that there is a central heating system in the house, and the total cost of the installation is relatively high.

If one looks at the overall service life of water-borne underfloor heating compared to electric underfloor heating, electric underfloor heating has a longer service life and lower maintenance and service costs. Over an operating period of more than 25 years the total cost differences between the two solutions is marginal. For maintenance free heating choose electric underfloor heating, which lasts for many years. Together with smart control you can reduce operating costs and electricity consumption.

Read our guides that point out the things to consider when choosing underfloor heating for your home.


We provide a 25-year guarantee on our underfloor heating products.

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What is electric underfloor heating?

How does electric underfloor heating actually work? When is it suitable and how safe is it? This guide lists the things that we think are important to consider when choosing underfloor heating for your home.

This is why you should choose electric underfloor heating
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Underfloor heating for every room

Ebeco has the solutions for warm floors in every room. But there are various things to take into account, depending on conditions, subflooring and flooring materials. We will guide you to the right products.

Smart homes

Save electricity with Ebeco's products

With smart underfloor heating, and now also with electric radiators, Ebeco’s products give you new opportunities to control the heating in your home. Keep track of your electricity consumption and reduce electricity costs. We explain in this guide how easily you can turn your home into a smart home and how WiFi Ready works.

Save electricity with Ebeco products
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Energy optimise your underfloor heating installation

Get maximum control and optimised energy consumption with our thermostats and our insulation.

Underfloor heating products

Ebeco's solutions come in three different designs: heating cable, heating foil and heating cable mat - all designed for special areas of use.

Underfloor heating cable

For irregular rooms and surfaces, our Cable Kit product solution is an excellent alternative. As an installer, you get full control over the underfloor heating installation and can easily adapt the installation according to the surface and conditions, regardless of complexity. In the case of regular rooms and surfaces, a heating foil or a heating cable mat can be a convenient option. These solutions speed up the installation process. Our underfloor heating mats and heating foil are quick to lay and are available in different widths to support you as an installer.

Underfloor heating foil

If you are going to install underfloor heating in a dry space where the floor to be laid is wood or laminate, foil can be a convenient option. Underfloor heating foil provides a pleasant and even warmth. By far the biggest advantage of underfloor heating foil is that it is easily cut to the desired length, in this way the foil can be easily adapted to the size and shape of the floor. Ebeco's underfloor heating foils are available in different widths to make installation as smooth as possible.

Underfloor heating mat

If you are looking for a quick and efficient installation, underfloor heating mats are an option. The mesh only takes a few minutes to roll out and since the cable comes at a fixed c/c distance, it is a convenient option for large and regular surfaces. The mats can be easily customised if necessary.

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Save energy

Upgrade to a smart thermostat

Did you know that replacing a thermostat can give your existing underfloor heating installation a new lease of life. Smart functions allow you to save energy and reduce electricity consumption without sacrificing comfort. 

Upgrade your thermostat

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Find an installer

Ebeco works with a large number of knowledgeable electricians who are experts in our products. Our digital service, Garantera, documents all heating cable installations in a secure and structured way. In addition, an underfloor heating installation made with the help of Garantera automatically receives an extended guarantee to 25 years.

Find an installer
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As an electrical installer, with the free service, Garantera, you can document all your heating cable installations and send a digital guarantee certificate directly to the customer. You create a project, log all measurements and attach photos. When everything is ready, an email with everything will be sent to your customer. No more paper forms to keep track of.

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