Our product range for industry includes high-quality self-regulating, parallel and series resistive heating cables with high safety standards, for temperatures up to 1000°C as well as for EX-rated areas. We also have other products and solutions to help you gain control over your process temperatures. We help you match your needs with the right heating cable and heating system.

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Heating cables for industry

The heating cable has a wide range of applications in industry. We have a large range of
self-regulating, parallel and series resistive heating cables that are made to withstand the toughest industrial applications. 

Choose between different heating cables with the appropriate construction depending on the plant's design, process temperature or if it is for an EX-rated area.

We have three types of heating cables: self-regulating, series resistive and parallel resistive. The power output of the self-regulating cable changes according to the ambient temperature. The parallel and series resistive heating cable can withstand higher temperatures and always provides the same power. The self-regulating and parallel-resistive cable can be cut on site, while the series resistive cable is available in longer lengths and is made to measure.

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    Series resistive heating cables

    Series resistive heating cable is based on a resistance wire with a predetermined resistance per metre. The power output of the heating coil depends on the selected resistance per metre, length and connection voltage. With this type of cable, the final output is constant. Our series resistive cables have been designed for extreme temperatures. They are manufactured to various qualities depending on application and output. The cable is available as Teflon-insulated or mineral insulated with stainless or copper-nickel sheath. They are available in long lengths.

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      Parallel resistive heating cables

      Parallel resistive cables have two parallel wires. The conductors are by resistance wire that has contact with the conductors at regular intervals, contact points. The power output is thus continuous and depends on the resistance of the wire. The distance between the contact points varies depending on the type of cable.

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      Self-regulating heating cables

      The self-adjusting heating cable consists of two parallel wires embedded in a semiconductor material that adapts its output according to the ambient temperature. When the temperature changes, the properties of the material change. When the temperature rises, the output is lowered and vice versa when it gets cold. This occurs within a given temperature range for each cable. Thus the output is lower in rising temperatures, which allows for crossing, prevents overheating and permits use in areas with a fire or explosion risk.

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      We know industrial solutions

      We work with many industries providing Ebeco's solutions for industry. Here is a selection:

      • Petrochemical
      • Foodstuff
      • Automotive
      • Waste and incineration plants
      • Pharmaceutical
      • Nuclear power
      • Transport
      • Manufacturing industry
      • Processing industries
      • Infrastructure
      • Hydroelectric

      In addition to our range of heating cables and control and associated products, we also have other products for different industrial environments.

      Heating hose

      Used to transport liquids in a flexible way without affecting the temperature of the liquid. The ideal solution for transporting liquids with temperatures up to 450°C.

      Heating jackets

      Heating jackets are often used to keep valves, pumps and tanks frost-free and for temperatures up to 900°C.

      Rail and points heater

      For trouble-free railways during the winter's different rail conditions and climates, rail and switch heating is used. A product that heats the rail to ensure that everything flows as normal without train stoppages or frozen points caused by cold, ice and snow.

      Special solutions

      Heating can be the solution to many problems. We can customise and calculate heating solutions for all kinds of applications in manufacturing industry, even things that are not traditionally linked to heating cables. No challenge is too great for us and no need is too small.

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      Ebeco has extensive experience in creating solutions for unique situations.