• Foil Kit 500
  • Foil Kit 500
  • Foil Kit 500
  • Foil Kit 500
  • Foil Kit 500
  • Foil Kit 500

Do you need underfloor heating for wooden floors? Then Foil Kit is absolutely right for your project. Foil Kit makes it easy to install underfloor heating under parquet, laminate and plastic floor covering. The underfloor heating foil is extremely thin and is always installed with the energy-efficient Ebisol insulation board for the best results. The package includes the WiFi-ready thermostat EB-Therm 500. If you install the EB-Connect WiFi accessory, you can also control the underfloor heating via the Ebeco Connect app or open API.

Our underfloor heating concept WiFi READY

Our WiFi READY concept gives a unique opportunity for the fitter to offer the customer a complete and very flexible underfloor heating solution. The new Foil Kit 500 is an underfloor heating foil kit with everything you need for the installation. The news is freedom of choice. An underfloor heating kit - with and without wifi.

Here's how it works:
Thermostat EB-Therm 500 is WiFi-ready. With the EB-Connect WiFi accessory installed, the underfloor heating system can easily be controlled with the Ebeco Connect app or via open API.

Download the app for free here:



The EB-Therm 500 thermostat efficiently controls underfloor heating

The EB-Therm 500 thermostat is easy to install and manage, and has been developed with the fitter's best in focus. With its clear Start-Up Guide and well laid-out menu system, it makes it easier for both the fitter and the user.

EB-Therm 500 has individually adjustable and energy saving programs, making it easy for you to control underfloor heating efficiently from an energy-saving perspective. The thermostat has room and floor sensors as well as a function that prevents the heat from exceeding the wooden floor’s recommended temperature +27 °C. The EB-Therm 500 supports eight different sensor types and fits in the most common frame systems.

Thin underfloor heating foil for dry spaces

The underfloor heating foil is durable, reliable and extremely thin - only 0.3 mm. It is free of both halogens and PVC. Foil Kit can be installed in dry areas on top of existing floor structures, such as concrete or particle board. Underlying plastic mat must always be removed before installation. The heating foil is connected together with the included double-insulated connecting cables and connection clamps. Crimping pliers will be needed to do this.

The foil is always installed together with Ebisol insulation board. This will give an energy-efficient system. As a bonus, Ebisol also provides excellent impact-sound reducing properties.

Foil Kit is available in widths 43 cm and 100 cm, as well as by the metre.

Technical information

The kit includes: Underfloor heating foil, thermostat EB-Therm 500, tape, connection clamps, RTK cables, spiral tube.

Subflooring Concrete, chipboard*
Floor material Wood, laminate, plastic matting
Room type ONLY dry rooms
Foil thickness 0.3 mm
Total width 430 mm
Heated width 400 mm
Output 65 W/m²
Max connection area at 10 A c. 35 m²
Lowest installation temp +5°C
Connection voltage 230 V
Approval CE

* Always remove any existing plastic matting before installation.
Read more about installation and guarantees for our underfloor heating.


Foil in three widths is also sold by the linear metre if the finished kit is unsuitable. Don't forget to buy the accessories!

Item number

Output per m²




Max area m²

Terminals (pcs)

8961020 65 W/m² 43 cm 40 cm 13.5 m 6 m² 20
8961021 65 W/m² 43 cm 40 cm 18.0 m 8 m² 20
8961022 65 W/m² 43 cm 40 cm 22.5 m 10 m² 20
8961023 65 W/m² 43 cm 40 cm 27.0 m 12 m² 24
8961024 65 W/m² 43 cm 40 cm 31.5 m

14 m²

8961026 65 W/m² 100 cm 97 cm 10 m

10 m²

8961027 65 W/m² 100 cm 97 cm 15 m

15 m²

SUPPLEMENTARY SET - Buy a normal kit plus this when the biggest kit is insufficient. Thermostat not included.
8961025 65 W/m² 43 cm 40 cm 22.5 m

10 m²

8961028 65 W/m² 100 cm 97 cm 10 m

10 m²

LINEAR METRE FOIL, without thermostat or accessories
8960626 65 W/m² 43 cm 40 cm
8960627 65 W/m² 100 cm 97 cm
8960628 65 W/m² 69 cm 66 cm

We give a 12 year basic warranty on everything included in the underfloor heating pack. Also applies to Ebeco's insulating boards that are installed in combination with the underfloor heating. Our warranty ccovers 100 % of the attendant costs of any damage.

Ebeco AB provides a 5-year product warranty for supplied thermostats.

We also give you the opportunity to extend the warranty period for the underfloor heating to 25 years if you register on our form. The warranty on the thermostat remains at 12 years however. All terms and conditions may be found in the warranty certificate.

  • Front Cover for EB-Therm 500

    The EB-Therm 500 has interchangeable cover fronts as an accessory. Fits the Schneider Exxact (anthracite, metallic), ELKO Plus/RS (alu, black) and ABB Impressivo frame systems. Frame is not included.
    Item number Name Dimensions
    8581901 Front Cover EB-Therm 500 Black for Elko Plus/RS 55x55x16 mm
    8581902 Front Cover EB-Therm 500 Alu for Elko Plus/RS 55x55x16 mm
    8581905 Front Cover EB-Therm 500 Metallic for Schneider Exxact 55x55x18 mm
    8581906 Front Cover EB-Therm 500 Antracit for Schneider Exxact 55x55x18 mm
    8581909 Front Cover EB-Therm 500 Vit for ABB Impressivo (with adapter) 64x64x18 mm
  • Pliers

    Used for installing Ebeco Foil to connect together cables and connection clamps.
    Item number Name
    8960690 Ebeco Foil pliers
  • Heightening frame

    Ebeco's EB-Therm thermostats are designed for recessed or surface fitting. A heightening frame is used for surface fitting. The heightening frame is suitable for all EB-Therm models.
    Item number name Dimensions Colour
    8581686 Heightening frame Ebeco 87x87x29 mm White (RAL 9003)
  • Ebisol

    Insulation for wood/laminate floor. Always installed under a Foil Kit. Great comfort and less noise, with or without underfloor heating.

    Item number





    Number of boards/frp

    Total area/pk

    8960170 1200 mm 500 mm 3 mm 0.60 m² 10 pcs 6 m²
    8960172 1200 mm 500 mm 6 mm 0.60 m² 10 pcs 6 m²
  • Connection/end kits

    Connection/end kits
    Material used for installing Ebeco Foil to connect together installation cables and foil.
    Article number Name
    8960679 Connection/termination set Ebeco Foil MINI (for 4 foils)
    8960680 Connection/termination set Ebeco Foil MAXI (for 10 foils)
  • RTK cable

    Double insulated installation cable Used for installing Ebeco Foil.
    Item number Name Length
    0376603 RTK cable, double insulated, blue 1.5 mm² 25 m
    0376613 RTK cable, double insulated, brown 1.5 mm² 25 m
  • Fixing tape for foil

    Fixing tape for foil
    Used for installing Ebeco Foil.
    Item number Name Dimensions
    8960546 Fixing tape for foil 38 mm x 33 m
  • Connection clamp

    Connection clamp
    Used for installing Ebeco Foil to connect together installation cables and foil. Sold singly.
    Item number Name
    8960674 Connection clamp, 2.5-6 mm²
    052195 Connection clamp, 1.25-2 mm²
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