Comfort underfloor heating - system solutions for improved energy performance

An independent study initiated by HSB and PEAB has investigated the possibilities of meeting current and future energy requirements and at the same time installing and using comfort underfloor heating in an optimal way. The study was conducted by Bengt Dahlgrens AB and funded by SBUF, Svenska Byggbranschens Utvecklingsfond (Development Fund of the Swedish Construction Industry). The study has resulted in four recommendations to help increase energy efficiency for comfort underfloor heating.

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1. Insulate

The thermal mass of the sub-floor affects how quickly the temperature in the floor rises with power supply. With insulation under the heating loops, the impact from the thermal mass of the sub-floor is limited and the heating time is shortened. The study shows that electricity use can be reduced by about 10% compared to a comfort underfloor heating system without insulation.

  • Ebeco's recommendation: We offer a range of insulation boards that are designed to work together with our heating solutions to create energy-efficient systems. See our insulation
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2. Use time control

By using a thermostat with the ability to time control the underfloor heating, the study shows that electricity use can be reduced by up to 20% compared to a comfort underfloor heating system in constant operation.

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3. Include maximum limit 

It is recommended that a maximum underfloor temperature is set in the thermostat in order to control the user's behaviour, by them not maximising their thermostat in the expectation of being able to get a higher temperature, and thereby increasing energy use. However, this should not conflict with one of the purposes of comfort underfloor heating - namely good comfort under foot. Comfort underfloor heating should therefore always be able to supply 25-26°C to the floor surface.

  • Ebeco's recommendation: Ebeco's EB-Therm 500 thermostat contains a program for comfort heating with a maximum limit and is thus prepared to be able to supply according to these recommendations. We recommend an installed output of 60 W/m2 to achieve the expected temperature.
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4. Limit the heated area

An effective way to reduce energy consumption is to limit the area covered by heating loops and not to install in peripheral areas, under washing machines or similar, only in living areas. 

For example: reducing the installed area by 20% gives an equivalent energy saving. 


More about the study: The project was initiated by HSB and PEAB to investigate opportunities to offer comfort underfloor heating and at the same time meet requirements for energy-efficient living. The project was implemented in 2020 by Bengt Dahlgren Göteborg AB at HSB Living Lab.

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