Underfloor heating for wooden floors

Can you have underfloor heating under wooden floors? This is a question we are frequently asked. The answer is, of course: Yes! Ebeco's thin underfloor heating foil can be laid under both wooden and laminate flooring.

Vardagsrum med foil under trägolvet

Optimal with underfloor heating under wooden floors

Ebeco's underfloor heating foil has a power of 65 W/m² and provides an even and comfortable temperature. The foil is energy efficient and is supplied on a roll that is easy to roll out, cut and adapt to the size of the room. The foil is ideal for installation under wooden floors, laminate flooring and Linoleum. Together with the Ebisol insulation board, you get an energy-efficient underfloor heating solution.

Which wooden floors work best with underfloor heating?

You can lay underfloor heating under parquet, laminate and solid wood floors, but the floor covering must be recommended by the floor supplier's instructions as suitable for combination with underfloor heating.  

The maximum permissible thermal resistance of the floor material is 0.16 m² K/W. A typical oak parquet floor with thermal conductivity of 0.14 W/mK can be up to 22 mm thick. 

How to lay underfloor heating under wooden floors

Here we show the construction on a concrete slab with wood/laminate flooring as a surface layer:

Foil lager
  1. Existing floor (concrete)
  2. Ebisol insulation board 3/6 mm
  3. Ebeco Foil 0,3 mm
  4. Durable plastic foil 0.2 mm
  5. Wood/laminate flooring (min 7 mm, max 15 mm)

Always follow the installation instructions in our manuals. Keep in mind that professional installation is required, because electric underfloor heating is considered a high current system.

How much heat can wooden floors withstand?

According to the industry guidelines for wooden floors over underfloor heating, the following general conditions apply: The maximum permissible surface temperature is 27°C. This also applies under  carpets and furniture. The maximum installed power output for wood and laminate flooring is 75 W/m².