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Energy efficient underfloor heating under wooden floors

Can you have underfloor heating under wooden floors? This is a question we are frequently asked. The answer is, of course: Yes! Ebeco's thin underfloor heating foil can be laid under both wooden and laminate flooring*. We visited the Dellton family just outside Gothenburg. There, the entire upper floor of the house has been completely renovated and Ebeco’s underfloor heating Foil Kit has been installed under the wooden flooring.

Vardagsrum med foil under trägolvet

Renovation of upper floor

The family consists of Camilla, Peter, Emma, Elin, Maja and little pug Doris. Their house is a white mexi-brick bungalow from the mid 70's, beautifully situated right at the foot of a mountain.

When the Dellton family moved into the house, electric underfloor heating was installed throughout the basement. When the plans for the upper floor began to be realised, the family first thought about water-borne heating. The plan was abandoned as they did not want to carry out such extensive work in the property. The alternative was to install an air source heat pump. This was not chosen partly because of the size of the house, and partly because, according to Camilla, it didn’t work aesthetically.

Even and comfortable underfloor heating

The family wanted energy-efficient, even and comfortable heating and thanks to Petter Källvik at Särö Eltjänst, their wishes were realised. The company has extensive experience of working with Ebeco's underfloor heating foil and assured the Dellton family of all the benefits of the foil.

At Särö Eljänst we have laid countless metres of underfloor heating foil with Ebisol insulation board and know the ins and outs of the solution. It is quick and easy. In addition, the products are always on the shelf and it is easy to get help from Ebeco, says Petter Källvik.

A guaranteed satisfied customer

The underfloor heating was designed by Ebeco and during the installation the Garantera web service was used, where you register all your measurements and digitally send guarantee certificates directly to the customer.

We use Garantera every time we install underfloor heating. The service is easy to use and eliminates all the paperwork. It feels very professional when you hand over the work to the customer afterwards, says Petter.

When asked about the importance of the relationship between customer and installer is, both parties reply that it is very important. Petter explains: 

As a customer you want security and as an installer you always want to do a good job. This is best done by collaborating with the customer.

A home to hang out in

The Dellton family is very pleased with the results of the renovation. In addition to a completely new and very tasteful upper floor with plenty of space to be able to spend time with family and friends, the floors have become very comfortable to walk on.

Foil under trägolv i kök

We are completely satisfied! The house feels more sung and cosy since putting in the underfloor heating and changing the windows. The fact that we have decreased our energy consumption is of course a huge bonus. In the autumn, we will start renovating the basement using both Ebeco's products and Särö Eltjänst for sure, concludes Peter Dellton.

* Check with the floor manufacturer if it is appropriate to install underfloor heating under the wooden or laminate flooring you have chosen


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