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Cableflex kabel
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Cable Kit 200

Underfloor heating kit with heating cable and thermostat


  • Underfloor heating for tiled, natural stone and linoleum floors
  • Underfloor heating for both wet rooms and dry areas
  • Laid in levelling compound
  • Kabel
  • 80-160 W/m²
    80-160 W/m²
  • EB-Therm 205
    EB-Therm 205
  • Everything required for installation is included
  • Thermostat with energy saving program
  • Thin cable design that provides low installation height
Complete kit for underfloor heating for tiled, natural stone and linoleum floors. It contains the EB-Therm 205 thermostat with two energy saving programs as well as hot glue sticks, sensor hose, warning sign and reel bracket.

Cable Kit 200


Specification Data
Connection voltage 230 V
Length Connection cable 2,5 m
Number of conductors 2 pcs
Bending radius, min. 25 mm
Diameter 4 mm
Output 11 W/m
Installation temperature, min. -5 ºC
Insulation material intermediate XLPE
Insulation material inner ETFE
Insulation material outer EVA, PE
Cable type Series-resistive 2-conductor with screen
Enclosure class Thermostat: IP21, Cable: IP67
Max Ambient temperature 90 °C
Mechanical classification M2
Protective conductor Twisted
Thermostat EB-Therm 205
UV resistance No

The package includes the following:


25 års garanti









12 year product guarantee in case of material defects. The thermostat in the kit has a 5-year product guarantee. The guarantee period for the underfloor heating is extended to 25 years if the installation is carried out by an authorised electrician and documented in Ebeco's Garantera service.

Our warranty terms


    Cable Kit uses the Cableflex 11 heating cable, which should generally be screeded in. Together with Cable Clip 4, the heating cable clip for reinforcement mesh, you save time, money and above all your knees.  

    Flooring materials

    The Cableflex cable can be installed under most commonly used flooring materials such as tiled and natural stone floors, wooden and laminate flooring and linoleum.

    Check whether the material is suitable for use in combination with underfloor heating with the floor supplier.

    Subflooring when screeding

    Cableflex 11 is laid on floor constructions of concrete, plaster or chipboard and must then be screeded with a suitable levelling compound.

    On uninsulated concrete floors against the ground, additional insulation is always recommended. It is also recommended that the heating is not switched off completely during the summer to counteract rising moisture.

    See manual for further instructions.

    Installed output

    The room's power output needs are governed by how well insulated it is, its air turnover and the outdoor temperature, but in addition to these parameters, the criteria below must also be taken into account.

    Maximum installed power output for different surfaces:

    • On concrete subflooring: 160 W/m²
    • On flammable subflooring: 120 W/m²

    Maximum installed power output for different flooring materials:

    • Tile & natural stone floor: 160 W/m²
    • Wood & laminate flooring and linoleum: 75 W/m²

    See manual for further instructions.

    Examples of constructions

    In screed:

    Cableflex 6 sandwich
    1. Existing floors (chipboard, plasterboard or concrete) with Cable Board insulation board, if any
    2. Primer
    3. Heating cable
    4. Screed/Fix
    5. Tiles/linoleum