EB-Therm 205
Energy Saver

EB-Therm 205

Floor heating thermostat with floor and room sensors


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EB-Therm 205 is an underfloor heating thermostat with backlit LCD display and energy saving program, where times and temperatures are adjusted individually. The thermostat is microprocessor controlled, which means that the temperature fluctuations are minimised and it provides even heating. EB-Therm 205 can be used as a floor thermostat, room thermostat or as a combined room thermostat with overheating protection in the floor.

EB-Therm 205


Specification Data
Connection voltage 230 VAC ±10 %, 50 Hz
Adapted for frame systems Schneider Exxact, ELKO Plus/RS
Colour White (RAAL 9003 & 9010)
App control possible No
Load 1 Cos φ
Power consumption < 0,5 W
Extension sensor cable, max. 50 m, 2 * 1,5 mm²
Underfloor temperature range 5 ºC - 45 ºC
Power reserve 36 h
Enclosure class IP21
Operating differential ± 0.3ºC
Air temperature range 5 ºC - 45 ºC
Protection class Class II
Temperature limiter 15 ºC - 45 ºC


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