Cable Board
Energy Saver

Cable Board

Insulation board


  • For underfloor heating under tiled flooring
  • For wet rooms with concrete subflooring
  • Can also be used for dry spaces with wooden subflooring
  • Värmeledningsförmåga
    (λ) 0.034 W/mK
  • Värmemotstånd
    (R) 0.53 m²K/W
  • Tjocklek 20 mm
    20 mm
  • Energy-efficient installation
  • Energy saving by up to 45%
  • Quick and easy placement
Cable Board is an insulation board made of extruded polystyrene plastic, specially designed for Cable Kit with milled grooves, c/c 10 cm. The special structure of the board reflects heat upwards in an extremely effective way. Energy consumption is up to 45% lower when compared to a reference installation without insulation. The holes in the board let moisture through if necessary. The board is light and durable and the grooves make it easy to place the cable at exactly the right distance. Complete with fixing tape.

Cable Board


Specification Data
Flash point >+380 ºC
Continuous temperature, max. 75 ºC
Compressive strength (EN 826) 300 kPa
Solubility High resistance to acids and bases. Soluble in organic solvent
Material XPS, Extruded polystyrene
Max. installed output 11W/m
Melting point 100 ºC
Water repellent 100 %
Thermal conductivity, λ 0.034 W/mK


25 års garanti









12 year product guarantee in case of material defects. The thermostat in the kit has a 5-year product guarantee. The guarantee period for the underfloor heating is extended to 25 years if the installation is carried out by an authorised electrician and documented in Ebeco's Garantera service.

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