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Sealing the outdoor pool at Gothia Towers

Gothia Towers is Gothenburg's largest hotel with 1200 rooms divided across three towers. On the exterior of the eighteenth floor of the middle tower is a free-hanging glass pool called the Champagne Pool. This exclusive swimming pool is part of the hotel's spa section and Ebeco was approached to find a solution to a tricky problem to keep the bathing guests safe.

Guide Gothia Towers pool

Photo: Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers. Photographer: Per Pixel

The exclusive spa pool was to undergo a refurbishment of joints and mouldings, which presented particular challenges: at the joints of the pool there is a bonded protective plate and there were concerns that the plate would change shape as the outdoor temperature dropped and that the joints could then harden in the wrong position. Furthermore, it was feared that the pool water, which is supposed to maintain a temperature of 33°C, could cause the plate to widen and stress the joints and thus cause leakage. We were contacted by Stig Olofssons El to solve these challenges together.

Self-regulating cables solved the problem

The solution that we supplied was self-regulating ELSR-H-45-BOT type heat cables in a range of lengths and with fitted cold cables. In total, we supplied 180m of cable controlled by BHS-Central. Thanks to the operation of the heating cables, the protective plate was able to maintain an even temperature at the joints and eliminate the risk of it changing position and shape.

The main challenge of the renovation was keeping the pool joints at the same temperature during curing, which was successful and the spa guests can now continue bathing and enjoying the views of Gothenburg.


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Gothia Towers

Gothia Towers is located in central Gothenburg and has 1200 hotel rooms, conference section, bars and restaurants, divided across three towers.

Stig Olofssons El

Stig Olofssons El

The company was founded in 1978 and is an installation company with cast experience in electricity and weak-current installations as well as servicing.