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Integrated thermostat control


  • For concrete curing cables
  • Temporary frost protection solutions, Portacabins etc.
  • Stickkontakt
  • Energy-efficient installation
  • Flexible and adaptable
The control panel is equipped with thermostat control and external sensors for optimal operation and function. Enclosure with handles that can withstand harsh environments and has a door with spring return.

Suitable for: concrete hardening cables where the control panel can be used for all three steps; hardening, drying and possible heating during the construction phase.

The panel is also suitable for Frostvakt 10, for temporary frost protection solutions for water and sewage for Portacabins etc.

Integrated programmable EB-Therm 800 thermostat. Fuse 3x16 A.

Distribution centre


Specification Data
Connection voltage 400 V
Connectors 3-phase CEE
Enclosure class IP44
Material Plastic
Ambient temperature -20 - 45 ºC