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Keeping pipes warm in Project Stream

Inter Terminal's operations consist of storage and mixing of liquid oil and energy products, such as petrol, diesel, heavy oil and ethanol. When the need for new tracing arose and the pipes were to be replaced at Inter Terminal's facility in the port of Gothenburg, Ebeco received an interesting request to get their teeth into.

Inter Terminals Projekt Stream

The pipes in question at Inter Terminal transported fuel from storage to the quay in the port of Gothenburg. Help was needed to heat three different pipes: two DN250 pipes with a requirement for keeping at 30 degrees and a DN300 pipe with a requirement for keeping at 60 degrees. In addition, these pipes terminated in the EX area, i.e. an area where there is a risk of explosion and fire, which consequently requires the use of EX-rated products. 

After careful planning, the solution was to use an EX-rated series-resistive cable of the ELKM-AG-L/N type and a self-regulating cable,​​​​​​​ ELSR-N/H. The entire project included about 12,000 metres of cable that was installed with great precision. 

The design work lasted from early spring to autumn. Ebeco and Inter Terminals worked in close collaboration and created a project based on Inter Terminal's requirements specification. Our cutting-edge expertise in the industrial area was required and we came up with the best heating solution. Thanks to a good collaboration, the installations could be completed without any obstacles or changes to planned products. The whole thing was carried out in close collaboration between Inter Terminals, Ebeco and Ahlsell. 

The project was also registered digitally in our Garantera service. 


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Inter Terminal's operations involve the storage and mixing of liquid oil and energy products.

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