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Underfloor heating in every room at Hotel Giò

In 1957, Hagahuset on Råsundavägen in Solna was inaugurated and then housed offices for Stockholm County Council. The building's original inspiration came from architect and designer Giò Ponti's contemporary Pirelli House in Milan with interiors that exude 50s Italy. In 2019, the transformation of the building to a hotel began. Hotel Giò was inaugurated in 2020 and has a total of 180 rooms. The hotel has continued with the Italian theme and focuses on design and comfort, where the underfloor heating in each hotel room is an important piece of the puzzle.

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The right control from Ebeco

Through FSG EntreprenadDeco El & Tele was commissioned to install underfloor heating in the hotel bathrooms at Hotel Gio. After talking to Ebeco's district manager Ronnie Backebro, the EB-Therm 800 thermostat and Cableflex underfloor heating cable were chosen. The thermostat's built-in hotel program was a strong determining factor for choosing this particular control. 

The hotel program allows the heating to be controlled via an external card reader with a delay, since the thermostat now has an integrated time relay function. Temperature settings switch automatically when the hotel guest enters or exits the room and the after-heating duration is fully adjustable. This makes it easy to determine how long the heating should stay on after the guest has left the room.

Although the building was K-rated, the work inside the walls continued as expected. Something that was appreciated by Mats at Deco El, and which facilitated the work, was the packaging for the Cableflexheating cable and its ease of use thanks to the included cable reel.

Overall, Ebeco underfloor heating was installed in 180 bathrooms between 2019 and 2020.

Hotel Gio badrum
Hotel Gio badrum
Garanterad installatör

Guaranteed installations

Despite a large number of hotel rooms, documentation was processed quickly and smoothly thanks to our tool, Garantera. The documentation could be implemented efficiently, at the same time as it was digitised eliminating the need for paperwork, which was appreciated by the installation company Deco El & Tele. 

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About Hotel Giò

Hotel Giò is located on Råsundavägen in Solna. The hotel houses 180 rooms. Each room has Ebeco underfloor heating in the bathroom using Cableflex heating cable and is controlled by EB-Therm 800 DIN thermostat.

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Operated non-profit 

The hotel is owned and operated by the non-profit association KFUM Central. All profits from the hotel go to the association, which conducts activities in sports, camps, culture, integration and international work for young people.

Deco el & tele AB

About Deco El & Tele AB

Deco El & Tele is based in Johanneshov in Stockholm. The company has 9 employees and has been in operation for over 20 years. All types of electrical installation are performed.