Foil 48 V

Parallel-resistive heating foil


  • Underfloor heating suitable for caravans/motorhomes
  • Underfloor heating for linoleum and laminate floors
  • Underfloor heating only for dry areas
  • Folie
  • 80 W/m²
    80 W/m²
  • Löpmeter
    Running metres
  • Extremely low installation height
  • Available in several widths
  • Clamp tension
Heating foil 48 V is especially suitable for underfloor heating in camper vans/caravans. For wooden floors, laminate floors and linoleum. The foil may only be placed in dry areas. Sold in running metres.

Foil 48 V


Specification Data
Connection voltage 48 V
Output 80 W/m²
Installation temperature, min. 5 ºC
Insulation material outer PET
Max Ambient temperature 80 °C