Frostvakt 10
Frostvakt 10 kabel

Frostvakt 10

Self-regulating 2-conductor with screen


  • For water and sewage pipes, drains and wells
  • For internal and external installation
  • Drinking water approved
  • Självreglerande
  • W/m
    10-20 W/m
  • Stickkontakt
  • Energy efficient
  • Type approved for drinking water
  • Can be crossed during installation
Frostvakt 10 prevents damage and leaks caused by frost-burst pipes and water conduits. The heating cable has a pre-assembled plug that is easily connected to an earthed wall socket via a residual current device (RCD). Common applications include sewage pipes, water pipes and water meters in, for example, summerhouses, garages, greenhouses, caravans or boats. Controlled effectively with Frostvakt Control. The cable is PVC-free and is well suited for drinking water pipes. Type-approved for drinking water according to KIWA (approval 1289).

Frostvakt 10


Specification Data
Connection voltage 230 V
Connection cable H05RN-F
Length Connection cable 2,0 m
Connectors Plug
Number of conductors 2 pcs
Bending radius, min. 35 mm
Output 10 W/m at +10°C when installing on metal pipes, 20 W/m at +10°C when installing in water
Exposure temperature (power off), max. 85 ºC
Exposure temperature (power on), max. Up to 65 ºC
Installation temperature, min. -40 ºC
Insulation material inner EVA, LDPE
Insulation material outer ECTFE
Cable type Self-regulating 2-conductor with screen
Enclosure class Plug: IP44, cable: IP68
Conductor area 0,56 mm²
Dimensions 7,7 * 5,1 mm
Protective conductor Braided
UV resistance Yes
Max. pressure 8 bar


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Self-regulating heating cable

Due to the fact that the heating cable is self-regulating, it cannot overheat. And it can be crossed to fit the pipe perfectly. It is parallel resistive, which means that the self-adjusting heating cable consists of two parallel wires embedded in a semiconductor material that adapts its output according to the ambient temperature. Even though it may be above zero outside and the frost prevention output is not needed, the heating cable will still be turned on. To turn it off completely, you must pull out the plug or use Frostvakt Control, which turns the cable off in temperatures above freezing point. For longer cables and internal use, control with a thermostat is always recommended.

Power curve

F-10 effektkurva
  1. Power output (W/m)
  2. Ambient temperature (°C)
  3. Filled water pipe
  4. On metal pipes according to EN 62395-1