Electric convector

Wallflex 500 is a range of electric convectors with a modern and stylish design that have the option of connectivity - with or without the EB Connect WiFi accessory.

Wallflex 500 med fåtölj

Wallflex 500 has been designed for modern homes and is extremely thin at only 8 cm. The electric convector is IP24 rated and can be installed in both dry and wet areas. Wallflex 500 will be recognisable to those of you familiar with our underfloor heating thermostat EB-Therm 500, because it is based on the same software used in the thermostat and is just as simple and easy to navigate.

Energy Saver logotyp

The electric convector that saves energy

Wallflex 500 comes with our own Energy Saver label. This means that the electric convector thermostat has several smart functions to save energy. With scheduling and weekly programs, you can set the desired temperatures for the different hours of the day. For example, reduce the temperature by 5 degrees when going out, at night or when going on holiday. This allows you to reduce energy consumption and quite simply save on electricity!

Wallflex 500 has a PI controller with even heating, heating periods down to 1 minute that provide lower surface temperatures and fewer temperature fluctuations in the room while saving energy.

Wallflex 500 olika storlekar

Several sizes and outputs

Wallflex 500 is available in three sizes and outputs: 600 W, 1000 W and 1400 W with 230 V plug connection, which means no electrician is needed for installation. 

The appropriate output for your heating depends on several factors. It depends on the size of the room to be heated and how well insulated the walls and windows are. To help choosing the right output, we recommend 60-80 W/m², depending on the other aforementioned parameters. Then choose a slightly more powerful convector to cover your needs, as the thermostat will ensure that consumption does not increase. A rule of thumb is to install the electric convector under a window to avoid cold draughts and to choose a convector that is at least as wide as the window.

The punched markings in the lid of the Wallflex 500 packaging make wall mounting easy.

Controlling the heat with your mobile phone

Wallflex 500 Sprängskiss på hur man monterar EB-Connect WiFi

Installing EB-Connect WiFi

Wallflex 500 is WiFi Ready which enables you to turn it into a connected device. Installation is made easy using a separate accessory called EB-Connect WiFi.

How to easily install EB-Connect WiFi:

  1. De-energise the device by unplugging it.
  2. Open the protective cover on the side of the thermostat.
  3. Insert the EB-Connect WiFi module as shown above, a clicking sound should be heard in the mounted position.
  4. Close the protective cover.
  5. Plug it in, the thermostat will now start automatically. If the thermostat was switched off in the OFF position before it was de-energised, press X again.
  6. To connect to WiFi, follow the on-screen instructions.

Always read the manual that is included in the package. It is also available for download on the product page.

EB-Connect app i vardagsrum med Wallflex 500

More possibilities with app control

With EB-Connect WiFi installed, the heating can be controlled easily using our Ebeco Connect, where all the settings, scheduling, annual calendar, energy consumption are available, with a clear overview of installed devices.

If you already have our connected underfloor heating thermostat EB-Therm 500, all devices can be controlled from the app. You can control your heating according to the price of electricity if you are a Tibber electricity company customer. Control is also possible via Google Home products, and thanks to the thermostat having an open API, even more connections are possible.