Underfloor heating for outdoor rooms

Underfloor heating is an excellent solution for extending the season in outdoor rooms such as conservatories. It provides good heat distribution with comfortable and warm floors compared to an infrared heater; you get even heat no matter where in the room you sit.

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How much power your outdoor room needs

The room's power output requirements are governed by how well insulated it is, its air turnover and the outdoor temperature, but in addition to these parameters, the criteria below must also be taken into account.

Maximum installed power output for different surfaces:

  • On concrete subflooring: 160 W/m²
  • On flammable subflooring: 120 W/m²

Maximum installed power output for different flooring materials:

  • Tile & natural stone floor: 160 W/m²
  • Wood & laminate flooring and linoleum: 75 W/m²

Our recommendation is to install the maximum power output recommended for your subflooring and flooring material. With the help of the thermostat, you can then control the heating according to your needs. 

See manual for further instructions.

Use a qualified installer

Keep in mind that professional installation is required, because electric underfloor heating is considered a high current system. Private individuals without qualifications are not allowed to install electric underfloor heating. 

Please use one our Guaranteed Installers, who are certified electrical installers used to installing Ebeco's underfloor heating. When the installation is performed by one of these companies, the underfloor heating receives an extended guarantee of 25 years and the installation is digitally registered in our tool, Garantera.