T-18 CT

Self-regulating heating cable


  • Part of our Smarta Tak solution
  • For asphalt and felt roofing
  • Självreglerande
  • W/m
    18-36 W/m
  • Löpmeter
    Running metres
  • Energy efficient
  • Can be cut and crossed for perfect adaptation
  • Smart accessories
Self-regulating heating cable that detects the ambient temperature and adjusts output accordingly. Part of our Smarta Tak solution. Thanks to an outer casing of flouropolymer, it is well suited for laying on asphalt and felt roofing. Complemented by other products and accessories within our Smarta Tak solution.

T-18 CT


Specification Data
Connection voltage 230 V
Number of conductors 2 pcs
Bending radius, min. 25 mm
Output 15 W/m at 10°C
Exposure temperature (power off), max. 80 ºC
Exposure temperature (power on), max. Up to 65 ºC
Installation temperature, min. -60 ºC
Insulation material outer Fluoropolymer
Cable type Self-regulating 2-conductor with screen
Conductor area 1,23 mm²
Protective conductor Braided
UV resistance Yes


10 års garanti









10 year product guarantee in case of material defects.

Our warranty terms


The T-18 is delivered in running metres and is metre-marked to facilitate the calculation of part lengths. T-18 CT must be used for felt and asphalt roofs. The built-in UV protection means they are resistant to sunshine.

Power curve

T-18 effektkurva
  1. Power output (W/m)
  2. Ambient temperature (°C)
  3. Filled gutter (water/ice)
  4. Dry gutter

T-18 together with Smartclip

Smartclip ensures fastening of heating cable T-18 in roof installations without damaging the surface layer. No bonding needed, which means you can get the job done regardless of weather conditions. Quick and easy installation and can be removed if needed.

Smartclip illustration - Kupa

Smartclip F – Cable clamp for mounting heating cable on eaves.    

Smartclip U – Cable clamp for mounting heating cable in shoe or outlet.    


Smartclip illustration - Takränna

Smartclip T – Combined is a clamp for mounting a heating cable combined with roof sensor in the transition (hopper) between gutter and downpipe. 

Smartclip H – Cable clamp for mounting heating cable in gutter.


Smartclip illustration - Utkastare

Smartclip U – Cable clamp for mounting heating cable in shoe or outlet.

T-18 together with Smartlock S 

Smartlock S installation

The T-18, T-18 CT heating cable can be connected, branched and spliced quickly and easily using the Smartlock connection/splice box.