Conditions roof, ground, frost production products

Ebeco AB provides a 10-year product guarantee covering material faults with products and accessories supplied by Ebeco, henceforth referred to as the “Products”. If material faults should occur with the Products during the guarantee period, Ebeco AB undertakes to repair, or alternatively, provide replacement products at no cost to the buyer.

Ebeco AB provides a 5-year product guarantee for supplied control units.

The guarantee only applies under the condition that installation is performed by an authorised electrician in accordance with applicable regulations and the installation instructions issued by Ebeco. The guarantee certificate including the test documentation must be completed in full, and along with material specifications, signed by the electrician who performed the installation. The heating cable installation must also be documented with photos, diagrams or drawings that show installation prior to covering.

The guarantee does not apply to installations performed by non-authorised electricians or if a non-authorised electrician has made modifications or repairs. Furthermore, the guarantee does not apply to faults that have occurred as a result of improper materials and constructions, or as a result of faulty installation. Damage caused by vandalism, fire, lightning or water, or damage caused by carelessness, abnormal use or as a result of accidents, is not covered either. 

In cases in which a material fault is covered by the guarantee, Ebeco must be notified of this before measures are taken.

In cases in which a guarantee claim is made , the guarantee certificate with the associated invoice and completed and signed test documentation must be presented.