Parallel-resistive 2-conductor with screen


  • Frost protection and heating products
  • Power range 15-60 W/m
  • Constant effect
  • Power on: 160-205 °C
    160-205 °C
  • Power off: 260 °C
    260 °C
  • EX
  • Can be cut during installation for good fit
  • UV-resistant
This parallel-resistive heating cable is flexible to use as it can easily be cut to the desired length from the reel and thus ensure a constant output power. No connection cable is required and the input can be made from one end. Assembly is quick and easy, which significantly reduces costs. The output can be up to 60 W/m as these ELP parallel heating cables are routed along pipes, they are particularly suitable for pipelines with high output requirements, e.g. in industrial process technology. The particularly temperature-resistant outer jacket made of PFA and the high chemical resistance of PFA ensure a long service life.



Specification Data
Connection voltage 230 V
Number of conductors 2 pcs
Bending radius, min. 25 mm
Exposure temperature (power off), max. 260 ºC
Exposure temperature (power on), max. Up to 205 ºC
-BOT Protective conductor: Braided, Outer casing: Fluoropolymer
Installation temperature, min. -45 ºC
Insulation material intermediate Fluoropolymer
Insulation material inner Fluoropolymer
Insulation material outer PFA
Cable type Parallel-resistive 2-conductor with screen
Contact distance 1 m
Conductor area 1,50 mm²


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