A new solution for underfloor heating cable on reinforcement

We continue to present innovative solutions that simplify matters for the installer and are now launching a completely new system solution for underfloor heating cable on reinforcement: Cableflex 20 + Cable Clip 5.

Cableflex 20 + Cable clip 5
Cableflex 20 + Cable Clip 5 på armering

M2 rated underfloor heating cable

The Cableflex 20 underfloor heating cable has a wide range of applications and it is approved for both screeding and embedding (class M2) but with its higher power per running meter it is especially suitable for embedding. Together with the specially adapted cable clamp for rebar - Cable Clip 5 - this system will save a lot of time.

Cableflex 20 is available in 12 lengths from 10 meters to 118 meters. Our Article guide tool will help you figure out exactly what article you need for your project. You can find it on the product page next to More information.

Cable Clip 5 och Cableflex 20 armeringsjärn

Easy installation

The clamp is fastened over the heating cable and reinforcement with a simple click. A system solution that will save a lot of time!