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Comfort underfloor heating at Scandic Norra Bantorget

During 2023 and 2024, it was time for a major renovation of Scandic Norra Bantorget. Part of the renovation consisted of installing underfloor heating in all of the hotel rooms bathrooms, where we at Ebeco, together with Nymans Elektriska, were responsible for the design.

Säng i hotellrum

Comfort underfloor heating with smart control

Ebeco was contacted by Nymans Elektriska , who faced the challenge of installing energy-efficient underfloor heating in Scandic Norra Bantorget's 230 badrum 230 bathrooms, including smart control. Our sales representative in Stockholm, Ronnie Backebro, then presented a proposal with Cableflex 6, our heating cable adapted for komfortgolvvärme, along with control in the form of the thermostat EB-Therm 800Cableflex 6 has a power output of 6 W/m.

With a specially manufactured extended cold cable, the installation could be connected in the suspended ceiling, to avoid junction boxes along the way. The thermostat was installed in adapted equipment cabinets, for easy installation. The thermostats can then be controlled with the hotel program.

The Hotel Program in the Thermostat

The hotel program allows the heat to be controlled via the remote control input with, for example, an external card reader, KNX actor, or similar. The thermostat also has an integrated time relay function for delay time. The temperature settings automatically switch when the hotel guest arrives or leaves the room, and the delay time is fully adjustable. This makes it easy to determine how long the heat should be on for drying after the guest has left the room. The guest cannot adjust the underfloor heating, and other functions are locked.


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Scandic Norra Bantorget

A hotel located on Wallingatan Stockholm. The hotel has 230 rooms and was built in 1993.