Ground heating for Torp Shopping Center

In connection with Torp Shopping Center's desire to winter-proof its entrance, our outside sales representative, Martin Larsson, was contacted by Bravida. They wanted to install ground heating to prevent snow, ice, and slippery conditions for customers during the winter.

Torp Köpcentrum

Driftprognos for product selection

To winter-proof the approximately 100 square meter entrance area at Torp Shopping Center, Ebeco's Operational Forecast tool Driftprognos proved to be very useful. With the help of LCC calculations from the tool, it was easier to select which products were needed for the project.

This innovative tool allowed us to carefully analyze and thus effectively select the most suitable products. After an evaluation process, it was decided that Multiflex 27, a high-performance series resistive heating cable designed specifically for melting snow on ground surfaces, was the best solution.

To further optimize the system's efficiency and user-friendliness, Multiflex 27 was integrated with our ground sensor and an associated control cabinet. This combination made it possible to fine-tune the heating cable's output based on current temperature and humidity conditions. Through this customized solution, Ebeco was able to offer its customer a comprehensive and reliable winter-proofing solution.

This system not only guarantees a safe and welcoming entrance during the coldest months but also demonstrates Ebeco's commitment to delivering cost-effective and sustainable solutions for its customers' needs.

Guide Driftprognos

Ebeco Driftprognos

Ebeco Driftprognos is a simulation program for providing the basis for LCC calculations in projects where Ebeco's roof and ground heating systems are designed. The service is developed to be used by users, prescribing leads, and contractors.

The service retrieves information about temperature and precipitation from SMHI's open service for historical weather data. Other operational parameters are based on Ebeco's collective experience formulated in a number of assumptions relevant to the context.

The service is free of charge and can be used in projects to achieve as suitable a solution as possible. Contact our inside sales team for your next project, and they will help you to produce a basis tailored to your wishes.

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Torp Köpcentrum

Torp Shopping Center

Torp Shopping Center is located west of Uddevalla and consists of about 100 stores.

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