Terms for underfloor heating products

Ebeco AB provides a 12-year guarantee for material defects on heating cables/foil including supplied accessories and insulation board in Cable Kit, Cableflex, Thermoflex Kit, Thermoflex, Foil Kit and Foil 230 V, hereafter referred to as the “Products”.
Should material defects occur to the Products during the period of the guarantee, Ebeco AB agrees to repair or replace the Products without cost to the purchaser. Ebeco AB also undertakes to restore the floor to its original condition after performed repair or replacement. To be able to rectify the defect, the purchaser must have saved or have access to 1 m² of the original flooring material. 

Ebeco AB provides a 5-year product guarantee for the supplied thermostat.

The guarantee only applies under the condition that installation of the Products is performed by an authorised electrician in accordance with applicable regulations and the installation instructions issued by Ebeco. And that one of the following requirements is met:

A)  The installation is performed using and documented in Ebeco's service, Garantera.


B) Guarantee certificate and test protocol, both of which can be found in the installation instructions, are completed in full and together with the material specification or invoice are signed by the electrician who carried out the installation. Furthermore, there must be photos that show the Products in their entirety after installation but before covering, or alternatively, a detailed drawing of the terminations and joints of the Products as well as the exact locations of floor sensors.

The guarantee does not apply to installations performed by non-authorised electricians or if a non-authorised electrician has made modifications or repairs. Furthermore, the guarantee does not apply to faults that have occurred as a result of use of improper materials and floor constructions, or as a result of incorrect installation. Damage caused by vandalism, fire, lightning or water, or damage caused by carelessness, abnormal use or as a result of accidents, is not covered either.

To make a guarantee claim, the following applies: Ebeco AB must be notified before any action is taken. Furthermore, a guarantee certificate with an accompanying invoice for installation or material specification and a completed and signed test report must be presented.

Extend the guarantee period to 25 years with Garantera

Ebeco's digital service Guarantee documents all heating cable installations in a simple, safe and structured way. An installation made with Guarantee automatically gets an extended 25 year guarantee period for material defects. The extended guarantee only applies if the product has been installed together with Ebeco's control system and by an authorised electrician.

A digital guarantee certificate is e-mailed from Garantera to the user, who is then responsible for saving it and being able to present it in the event of a guarantee claim.

A product guarantee of 5 years applies to the thermostat.