Register your underfloor heating installation and extend your warranty

Simply by filling in the registration form below, you extend the warranty period on your underfloor heating system. Then the warranty will remain valid for 25 years. The warranty on the thermostat applies for 5 years. All terms and conditions can be found in the warranty certificate. Applies to the underfloor heating kit from Ebeco, purchased after 01/09/2012. The registration must be sent in within 3 months of the date of installation.

The registration form must be completed by you, the end-user of the underfloor heating system. All fields marked with* must be filled in. 

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IMPORTANT! Please note that Ebeco does not itself save any of the documentation concerning the warranty. Therefore, it is important that you save your warranty certificate. It must be available to be presented in the event of any claims for warranty service. All terms and conditions stated the warranty certificate must be met in order for the warranty to be valid.

You can find details in your guarantee certificate.

Please state the name of the installation company if you purchased the product with installation included.