What is electric underfloor heating?

  • What is electric underfloor heating?

How does electric underfloor heating actually work? When is it suitable and how safe is it? We know most things when it comes to modern and energy-efficient underfloor heating systems. And we are happy to share our knowledge with those who are thinking about underfloor heating. Think about this when you decide which heating system will suit your home best.

How it works

The heat in our underfloor heating systems comes from electricity via heating cables laid in loops all over the floor area.. A thin layer of filler is spread over the underfloor heating cables to obtain an even surface and the floor is laid on this. Insulation board is always laid under the heating cable for a really energy-efficient system. The temperature is usually controlled room by room with a thermostat on the wall.

An electric underfloor heating system is a complete heating system. No supplementary heat sources are needed in rooms where it is installed. Electric underfloor heating is especially suitable for renovations and extensions. It is a simple, quick, cheap and insulated solution compared with many other heating systems that encroach more.

The choice of electric or water-borne underfloor heating

Ebeco's underfloor heating system is electric, but there are also other underfloor heating systems that use hot water.. Which system to choose is a common question: one with electric cables or one with water pipes? This depends of course on conditions in your home and the requirements for the system. Think about this when you decide which will suit you best.

Beautiful floors year round

Electric underfloor heating is a perfect choice when you want a flexible heating system. Other heating systems are often shut down in summer. This means, for example, that floors in bathrooms and other rooms can often be cold in the summer months.

With electric underfloor heating, you can choose which floors to have warm and dry all year. It is also possible to add electric underfloor heating above a hot water based system in rooms like bathrooms and halls. Then you can simply switch to electric heating in the summer months.


Ebeco's cables have a Teflon insulation design that makes them very durable. In the unlikely event of a heating cable failure there is very good equipment for tracking the fault. It can be found from above the floor surface, so that only individual tiles for example need to be lifted for repair.

And the only thing that can happen to a system that fails is that it stops being warm. There is no risk of water leaks or other damage to the property. And it is important to us that you feel secure about underfloor heating from Ebeco. We therefore provide a 12 year guarantee, with a possibility of extending to 25 years.

Construction height

If you don't want to build too much height into the floors, electric underfloor heating is a good alternative. Compared with a hot water based system, the construction height is very low, which is often a big advantages when you are renovating. Our cable has only 4 mm construction height and foil 3.5 to 6.5 mm with insulation.

Investment cost

Investment costs for electric underfloor heating are relatively low compared with a hot water based system. There are many different kinds of water based systems and operating costs vary a great deal between them. Some systems have low operating costs, but take along time to repay the investment cost. This especially applies to small areas such as bathrooms and halls.

Exactly how much it costs to install electric underfloor heating obviously depends on how large the room is, what output you want and what other requirements you have for the installation. You will get the best answer to the question by asking your nearest Ebeco dealer.

Operating costs

Electric underfloor heating is an effective source of heating. Efficiency is high and carbon dioxide emissions low. Electric underfloor heating is installed near the surface, which makes for a fast-acting system because the air in the room is soon heated. With a fast system and good control, we can make better use of what comes from external heat sources like ovens and sunlight.

A fast system is an energy-efficient system. With our Energy Saver products, you have the optimum fast system that is only used when actually needed. Combined with a green electricity agreement, you have a clean heat source with minimal environmental impact.