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EB-Therm 500 is a completely new WiFi-ready thermostat. The thermostat is part of Cable Kit 500 and provides you, as a fitter, with a unique opportunity to offer flexible solutions to your customers. Our new WiFi concept gives you the freedom to choose. One thermostat – many possibilities. With and without wifi. Our name for it is WiFi READY.

WiFi-ready thermostat

Our WiFi READY concept allows you as a fitter, to offer your customer a complete and extremely flexible underfloor heating solution with freedom of choice in focus. The concept is simple: the EB-Therm 500 underfloor heating thermostat is a very common thermostat, ready for WiFi. Together with the EB-Connect WiFi accessory, the underfloor heating system can easily be controlled with the Ebeco Connect app. As EB-Therm 500 has an open API, it is also possible to allow the installation to be part of your smart home. The thermostat is included in the new Cable Kit 500.

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Simplifies for the fitter

EB-Therm 500 is developed with the fitter's well-being in focus. The thermostat is therefore easy to handle and install. The shallow installation depth means the cable easily fits in the box. There is also a clear and easy-to-understand start-up guide to make it easy. Everything to make it easier for the fitter. The thermostat has room and floor sensors plus a built-in countdown timer feature that shows when the underfloor heating can be started after securing with filler.

More benefits of EB-Therm 500

Our new thermostat has a whole range of advantages to help the fitter in their choice of thermostat:

  • reinforced insulation (according to EN 60730) and thereby more durable for voltage peaks
  • supports eight different sensor types, making the thermostat the ultimate solution for home improvements
  • fit the most common frame systems on the market.

Clear and easy to navigate

The thermostat is easy to navigate and has self-instructional menus with clear icons, making EB-Therm 500 the obvious choice for both fitters and users. The colour display is clear and the capacitive touch zones are outside the display area in order to make the thermostat's various functions even more transparent and user friendly.

Save energy with EB-Therm 500

Energy saving programs in EB-Therm 500 are adjustable and times and temperatures can both be set individually. In this way, the thermostat will be versatile and adaptable to many different environments and conditions. EB-Therm 500 helps you save energy so you can get warm, comfortable floors where needed and when needed..

EB-Therm 500 has a weekly calendar which allows you to set up schedules for how your underfloor heating should be turned on or off. EB-Therm 500 also makes it easy to keep track of energy consumption. The thermostat clearly displays energy consumption per year, month or day.

Smart tips

Thermostat with smart features
In addition to its regular energy-saving programmes, EB-Therm 500 has a variety of smart features that mean the thermostat is useful in many different applications and contexts.

The hotel programme allows you to control the heating via the remote control input with an external card reader with delay timer, since the thermostat has an integrated time relay function. Temperature settings switch automatically when the hotel guest arrives or leaves the room and the after-heating duration is fully adjustable. This makes it easy to determine how long the heating should stay on for cleaning after the guest has left the room. The guest can only adjust underfloor heating between, for example, 20-27 °C. Other functions are locked.

Homes for the elderly, special/temporary accommodation, schools, public areas
Thanks to the hotel programme, the thermostat can be adapted to other public areas where you don't want the user to be able to change the basic settings too much. With a strapped remote control input in the thermostat, the functions can be locked so that the user can only adjust the underfloor heating between, for example, 19-25 °C.

Small snow melting installations
For small snow melting installations on garden paths, residential entrances, driveways and small roofs, EB-Therm 500 can be used with the timer programme. The timer function is activated manually and the outdoor temperature must be below the set point to start the facility. An encapsulated sensor is connected to the thermostat, which measures the outdoor temperature. The heating installation is turned on/off for any sudden changes in temperature.

Comfort underfloor heating
Comfort underfloor heating is intended to make the floors comfortable to walk on, that is to say not perceived as cold. Comfort underfloor heating even provides a drying affect and is used to complement the other primary heat sources. This feature restricts the set temperature to max 27 °C. Is most often used in low-power solutions.

Technical information

The pack includes: front and frame suitable for Schneider Exxact, front for ELKO Plus/RS and floor sensor 3 m.

Connection voltage 230 VAC ±10 % ~50–60 Hz
Air temperature range +5 °C till +35 °C
Floor temperature range +5 °C till +35 °C
Temperature limiter +5 °C till +35 °C
Circuit-breaking capacity 3680 W / 16 A / 230 VAC
Connection cable max 2.5 mm²
Load Cos φ = 1
Connection difference ±0.3 °C
Back-up* 36 h
Sensor cable 3 m, NTC 10 kΩ
Max extension sensor cable 50 m, 2 x 1,5 mm²
Display dimensions 36 x 29 mm
Thermostat dimensions 87 x 87 x 39 mm
Suitable for frame systems Schneider Exxact, ELKO Plus/RS 
Also suitable for frame systems Eljo Trend, ABB Jussi, ABB Impressivo, Berker (S.1, B.3, B.7). See accessories
Colour White
Enclosure class IP21
Approval CE

* The time the programming remains in the thermostat in the event of power failure.

Can be calibrated if needed.

NTC 2 kΩ 
NTC 10 kΩ (preset)
NTC 12 kΩ
NTC 15 kΩ
NTC 22 kΩ 
NTC 33 kΩ 
NTC 47 kΩ 
NTC 100 kΩ 
Item number Name Dimensions
8581603 EB-Therm 500 87 x 87 x 39 mm

Ebeco AB provides a 5-year product warranty covering material faults for our control units.
All terms and conditions is found here.




  • EB-Connect WiFi

    EB-Connect WiFi

    EB-Connect WiFi is the accessory that turns the EB-Therm 500 into a WiFi thermostat. Enables control of underfloor heating via the Ebeco Connect app or open API.

    Item number Name
    8581604 EB-Connect WiFi
  • Front Cover for EB-Therm 500

    The EB-Therm 500 has interchangeable cover fronts as an accessory. Fits the Schneider Exxact (anthracite, metallic), ELKO Plus/RS (alu, black) and ABB Impressivo frame systems. Frame is not included.
    Item number Name Dimensions
    8581901 Front Cover EB-Therm 500 Black for Elko Plus/RS 55x55x16 mm
    8581902 Front Cover EB-Therm 500 Alu for Elko Plus/RS 55x55x16 mm
    8581905 Front Cover EB-Therm 500 Metallic for Schneider Exxact 55x55x18 mm
    8581906 Front Cover EB-Therm 500 Antracit for Schneider Exxact 55x55x18 mm
    8581909 Front Cover EB-Therm 500 Vit for ABB Impressivo (with adapter) 64x64x18 mm
  • Heightening frame

    Ebeco's EB-Therm thermostats are designed for recessed or surface fitting. A heightening frame is used for surface fitting. The heightening frame is suitable for all EB-Therm models.
    Item number name Dimensions Colour
    8581686 Heightening frame Ebeco 87x87x29 mm White (RAL 9003)
  • Backplate

    If the existing frame does not cover the hole, the thermostat is fitted in a back plate; Backplate. Backplate is suited to the Eljo Trend frame system.
    Item number Name Dimension Colour
    8581697 Backplate ELJO trend 86x86x6 mm White (RAL 9010)
    8581687 Backplate Ebeco frame 88x88x4.4 mm White (RAL 9003)
  • Sensor cable

    Sensor cable for thermostat. Included in thermostat pack.
    Sensor cable for thermostat. Included in thermostat pack.
    Item number Name Length
    8581671 Sensor cable

    3.0 m

    8581684 Sensor cable

    6.0 m




  • Spiral tube

    Spiral tube
    Spiral tube for thermostat sensor cable. End connection ensures that fixing and sealing compounds cannot enter. Ebeco Adapter (E 89 605 51), which makes it easier to handle the transition between box and spiral tube when installing a thermostat, is not included.
    Item number Name Length DI DY
    8960541 Spiral tube for thermostat sensor 2.5 m 7.5mm 10.0mm

Looking for the manual for any of our thermostat models? Have a look in the document archive!

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