The thermostat is the heart and brains of the heating system. It is what regulates how much of the installed output is used. A smart control system keeps an even temperature and is decisive for energy consumption.

Ebeco's EB-Therm series consists of four underfloor heating thermostats developed for simple, smooth and energy-efficient control of underfloor heating. All our underfloor heating kits include a thermostat, but they can also be bought separately.

Even if you already have underfloor heating, it might be worth thinking about replacing the thermostat with a modern model with an energy saving programme. This is an investment that can soon pay for itself in lower energy consumption and improved comfort.

The EB-Therm 5 series suits all the most common frame systems on the market, such as Elko or Schneider Exxact. EB-Therm 800 is fitted on a DIN rail. All Ebeco's thermostats are controlled by microprocessors. This means that the thermostats start collecting data from start-up and calculate when to turn themselves on and off. This technology reduces temperature fluctuations and gives more even heating. For you, this means a more pleasant climate and lower energy consumption.