Installation and warranty

  • Installation and warranty

It is important to us that you feel secure about underfloor heating from Ebeco. That is why we offer a 25 year warranty on our products. With electrical installations, there are regulations that must be followed. We explain how it works here.

Who can install underfloor heating?

Electrical underfloor heating is covered by regulations from the Swedish National Electrical Safety Board. These say that all systems for underfloor heating must be installed and connected to the grid by authorised fitters.


Exactly how installation is done will depend on which products are used – cables, mats or foil. Generally, heat sources must be fixed to a clean and even base, embedded and then covered with the floor surface. Detailed descriptions of installations are of course covered in our installation instructions.

Measurements and documentation

  1. Before, during and after installation, resistance and insulation measurements must be taken. This is to ensure that the heating cables have not been damaged during installation or floor laying.
  2. The measurements are documented in a guarantee certificate that is handed over by the fitter when everything is finished.
  3. Pictures of the installation are also attached to the guarantee so as to simplify the location of any fault that might arise later.

Warranty of Ebeco underfloor heating

We give a 12 year warranty of everything included in the underfloor heating package - excluding the thermostat, which has a 5 year warranty. 12 year warranty also applies to Ebeco's insulating boards that are installed in combination with the underfloor heating. Our warranty covers 100% of the attendant costs of any damage.

We also give you the opportunity to register to extend the underfloor heating warranty to 25 years. The warranty on the thermostat remains at 12 years however. All terms and conditions may be found in the warranty certificate. Depend on Ebeco.