Energy smart underfloor heating

  • Energy smart underfloor heating

We know that energy consumption is important to you. That is why we develop our underfloor heating systems to make it easy for you to be able to save energy, while at the same time enjoying the wonderful feeling that underfloor heating gives. You have devised the Energy Saver mark to guide you to our most energy-efficient products. With the aid of smart control and effective insulation, our Energy Saver systems have much lower energy consumption than traditional underfloor heating. Let us explain how it works!

The cheapest energy is the energy you don't use. You save money for every degree you can lower the temperature. The optimum heat distribution provided by underfloor heating, with warm feet and a cool head, allows you to lower the temperature a couple of degrees and still feel warm as toast. If nobody is home, or everyone is asleep, the heating can easily be lowered at least another 5 degrees.

Automatic temperature adjustment

With our EB-Therm 205, 500 and 800 thermostats, the heating can be automatically lowered and raised during the day and night as you need it. With the Energy Saver programme, you tell the system how high or low the temperature should be at a number of times, so-called events. Our thermostats have an adaptive function that takes into account the warm-up time before each event and ensures the heating is raised in time.

Insulate and save energy

The warm-up time is largely decided by the subflooring beneath the heating cable.. If the underfloor heating is directly on top of the concrete slab, the temperature needs to be raised a long time before the next event. The concrete has poor insulation qualities and makes for a slow system. This means you do not gain as much by using the energy saving programme. On the other hand, material with good insulation properties makes for rapid heating up. The Energy Saver programme works best together with a well-insulated and rapid system. We therefore always recommend using insulating boards as part of our underfloor heating system. Our range of insulation means you can always find a solution that works, whatever type of room and subflooring.

Your operating costs depend on how much the system is used

Naturally, exactly what it costs to run a underfloor heating system will depend on your heating needs. The more heat you want, the higher the energy consumption. But the installed output does not actually say that much about your actual energy consumption. Since you adjust the temperature and the connection time with a thermostat, you can decide how much you wish to use the underfloor heating output. Using the Energy Saver programme in our thermostats is a simple way of keeping your electricity consumption down.

Different rooms have different conditions

There are various factors that affect how great the installed output is recommended to be. Poorly insulated buildings, many windows and a cold climate are all factors that increase the output needed. The need also depends on room type and floor material. Some require more, and some less.