• Cable Kit 200
  • Cable Kit 200
  • Cable Kit 200
  • Cable Kit 200
  • Cable Kit 200
  • Cable Kit 200
  • Cable Kit 200
  • Cable Kit 200
  • Cable Kit 200

Cable Kit 200 gives good opportunities for energy-efficient heating. The EB-Therm 205 thermostat included in the pack has two energy saving programmes, one for the home and one for an office environment.

The heating cable is thin and only adds 4 mm in height. It is flexible and easy to bend, making installation simple. Fix the cable with tape or glue sticks; the pack contains both so use which you prefer or a combination.

For all subflooring

The underfloor heating can be installed on top of existing floor structures, such as concrete, plasterboard or chipboard. The cable is then laid in a thin layer of filler. It can also be laid in wooden joists. Cable Kit 200 can be installed up to 160 W/m².


You control the underfloor heating system with the EB-Therm 205 thermostat. This has two pre-installed energy saving programmes, one for the home and one for an office environment. All Ebeco's underfloor heating thermostats are digital and equipped with fuzzy technology to minimise temperature fluctuations. The thermostat is equipped with a room sensor function and can be used in three different ways: as floor thermostat, room thermostat or a combination of both.

Insulate and save energy

For a really energy smart alternative, we warmly recommend installing Cable Kit 200 together with insulated Cable Board. The systems are optimised for use together and can give you savings of up to 35% in energy consumption compared with an uninsulated system.

Technical information

The kit includes: Cable on drum, practical drum holder, thermostat EB-Therm 205, spiral tube, fixing tape, glue sticks

Subflooring concrete, plasterboard, chipboard, wooden joists
Floor material Floor tiles, natural stone, wood, laminate, plastic matting
Room type Wet room, dry room
Possible installed output 75-160 W/m²
Minimum cc-distance 7 cm on concrete / 9 cm on flammable
Cable diameter c. 4 mm
Minimum bend radius 25 mm
Cold cable length 2.5 m
Cable type 2-wire with shielding
Connection voltage 230 V
Lowest installation temp Cable: -5 °C Tape: +18 °C
Approval CE

Read more about installation and guarantees for our underfloor heating.



Item number





Area with 75 W/m²

c/c 15 cm

Area with 110 W/m²

c/c 10 cm

Area with 140 W/m²

c/c 8 cm*

Area with 160 W/m²

c/c 7 cm*


100 W

8.9 m

1.3 m²

0.8 m²

0.7 m²

0.6 m²


150 W

13.5 m

2.0 m²

1.35 m²

1.1 m²

0.9 m²


200 W

18.5 m

2.7 m²

1.85 m²

1.5 m²

1.3 m²


260 W

23 m

3.4 m²

2.3 m²

1.8 m²

1.6 m²


330 W

31 m

4.4 m²

3.1 m²

2.3 m²

2.1 m²


400 W

37 m

5.3 m²

3.7 m²

2.8 m²

2.5 m²


470 W

43 m

6.3 m²

4.3 m²

3.4 m²

3.0 m²


540 W

49 m

7.2 m²

4.9 m²

3.9 m²

3.4 m²


650 W

58 m

8.7 m²

5.8 m²

4.7 m²

4.1 m²


810 W

73 m

10.7 m²

7.3 m²

5.8 m²

5.0 m²


960 W

86 m

12.8 m²

8.6 m²

6.9 m²

6.0 m²


1180 W

107 m

16.05 m²

10.7 m²

8.4 m²

7.4 m²


1380 W

124 m

18.3 m²

12.4 m²

9.8 m²

8.6 m²


1710 W

155 m

22.7 m²

15.5 m²

12.2 m²

10.7 m²


2080 W

187 m

27.7 m²

18.7 m²

14.9 m²

13.0 m²

SUPPLEMENTARY SET - Buy a normal kit plus this when the biggest kit is insufficient. Thermostat not included.


1180 W

107 m

16.05 m²

10.7 m²

8.4 m²

7.4 m²

* Only with concrete subflooring

We give a 12 year basic guarantee on everything included in the underfloor heating pack. Also applies to Ebeco's insulating boards that are installed in combination with the underfloor heating. Our guarantee covers 100% of the attendant costs of any damage.

Ebeco AB provides a 5-year product warranty for supplied thermostats.

We also give you the opportunity to extend the warranty period for the underfloor heating to 25 years if you register on our form. The warranty on the thermostat remains at 12 years however. All terms and conditions may be found in the warranty certificate.

  • Heightening frame

    Ebeco's EB-Therm thermostats are designed for recessed or surface fitting. A heightening frame is used for surface fitting. The heightening frame is suitable for all EB-Therm models.
    Item number name Dimensions Colour
    8581686 Heightening frame Ebeco 87x87x29 mm White (RAL 9003)
  • Cable Board

    For energy-efficient underfloor heating under a tile floor. Specially designed for Cable Kit.
    Item number Length Width Thickness Area/board Number of boards/frp Total area/pk
    8960180 1200 mm 600 mm 20 mm 0.72 m² 5 3.6 m
  • Primer +

    Primer +
    Primer + is used for installing Cable Kit, Cable Board or Thermoflex Kit on existing floors (chipboard, plasterboard or concrete). Sufficient for approx. 25 m².
    Item number Item
    8960550 Primer +, 1 litre
  • Adesilex P4

    Adesilex P4
    Flow fix. Used for installing Ebeco Cable Board. Sufficient for approx.1.5 m² for fixing insulation board, filling grooves and tiling.
    Item number Name
    8960184 Flow fix Adesilex P4, 20 kg
  • Metal cable carrier

    For installation of heating cable in wooden joist frames.
    Art. No Article Dimensions
    8960390 Metal cable carrier 70x15x15 mm (folded)
  • Galvanised plaster mesh

    For reinforcement when filling in wet rooms or for installing Ebeco Cable Kit in wooden joists.
    Item number Name Dimensions
    8960394 Galvanised plaster mesh 0.8 x 1.2 m
    8960392 Galvanised plaster mesh 1 x 10 m (roll)
  • Fixing tape

    Fixing tape used for installing Ebeco Cable Kit. Sufficient tape for about 4 m². (Included in Cable Kit 300/200.)
    Item number Name Dimensions
    8935349 Fixing tape 15 mm x 25 m
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