Underfloor heating for halls

The floor in the hall can be exposed to wet or damp shoes, boots and outdoor clothing more than other rooms and areas. Underfloor heating gives you warm floors that help dry wet and damp items faster. Choosing tile or natural stone flooring can be advantageous as these materials are good conductors, which means that the heat from the underfloor heating cable is quickly conducted out across the entire floor.

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Increased comfort with underfloor heating in the hall

There are several advantages to installing underfloor heating in the hall. Underfloor heating creates a higher level of comfort, with warm floors that are comfortable to walk on. In addition, it provides a drying effect, e.g. after coming in with wet clothes and shoes. 

Frequently asked questions and answers about electric underfloor heating in the hall

How many metres of electric underfloor heating per square metre?

Depending on the power of the heating cable being installed and the c/c distance that is laid, the number of metres of cable will vary between installations. Our underfloor heating guide will assist you in choosing the right underfloor heating for your needs.

Can underfloor heating replace radiators?

There are many advantages to using underfloor heating instead of radiators as the main heating source. You get more even heating, comfortable floors to walk on, moisture on the floors dries faster and underfloor heating takes up no space in the room. Ebeco's underfloor heating can be combined with our smart electric radiator Wallflex 500 under a window to be used and controlled smartly. Both the underfloor heating thermostat and the electric radiator thermostat can easily be controlled together in our Ebeco Connect app. 

Is underfloor heating worth it?

Underfloor heating provides a pleasant warmth and is easy to adjust according to seasonal outdoor temperatures. Once installed, the underfloor heating is maintenance-free and with our guarantees for up to 25 years, you as a customer can feel safe in your investment. 

How much does it cost to have the underfloor heating on?

The consumption of electric underfloor heating is affected by several factors based on the room's output requirement, determined by ventilation, insulation, room volume and outdoor temperature. Here's how you can influence your consumption:

  • Desired room temperature. Lowering the temperature by just 1 or 2 degrees significantly affects the energy consumption
  • Smart heating control. With our connected thermostat,​​​​​​​ EB-Therm 500 and the optional EB-Connect WiFi, you can control the heating through Google Home, and by using Tibber you can control the heating according to the price of electricity and reduce energy consumption
  • With our energy-saving functions built into the thermostat, you can, for example, lower the temperature at night and when you are away from home. You can also set temperature limits to optimise consumption
  • In the case of uninsulated or poorly insulated floors, we always recommend installing insulation to reduce heat losses. You can make an energy saving of up to 50% with insulation installed