Underfloor heating for caravans

Underfloor heating is a smart and performance-efficient heat source in a caravan. Our underfloor foil is so thin that you hardly notice it, but it is fast acting and reliable. Perfect for chilly nights in early summer.

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Foil 48 V for caravans

With underfloor heating in the caravan, you not only get a lovely warm floor, but also better heat distribution. Your body is happiest when your feet are warm and your head is cooler. Ebeco has the solution for those who want to avoid cold, damp floors in their caravan or campervan.

Ebeco Foil 48 V is a durable and reliable heating foil especially suitable for underfloor heating in caravans. As this is low voltage, the total construction height is only 0.3 mm. The foil is connected to cables and connection terminals using special pliers and is controlled via a transformer. Ebeco Foil is sold by the metre in various widths, so that it can be perfectly tailored to fit.

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Transformer 48 V

Our transformator has many smart and useful functions:

  • High current limiter
  • Automatic fuse with manual reset
  • Overheating protection with manual reset

Comes with an earthed plug. 

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