• Snowmat
  • Snowmat

No need to struggle with snow clearing before you can get the car out of the garage. Instead, you can prepare for a winter free of snow clearing when you lay a new surface in the summer. Snowmat is a thermal mat that is easily rolled out on the lower bed of sand. Once in place, Snowmat is covered with the upper bed of sand. After that, ground slabs, paving stones or asphalt can be laid. The heating cable keeps garage ramps and entrances free of snow and ice. No need to shovel, grit or salt. Easier access and less risk of slipping.

Quick and easy to install

Thanks to its design, with cable fixed into a mesh, Snowmat is quick and easy to roll out. The heating cable mat is designed to be laid in a sand bed under asphalt or stone. You can also embed it in an aggregate-free layer on top of a concrete slab, 30-50 mm deep. Together with Snowmat timer, Snowmat is a fast, simple and effective snow melting system. You just turn it on when it starts snowing. You can also choose to control the installation with an electrical enclosure with temperature and moisture control for automatic sensing.

Energy smart installation for low operating costs

Snowmat only uses energy when the system is active. A couple of hours is usually enough when it snows. The quicker the system heats up, the less energy it uses. You should therefore consider insulating the substrate, exactly as for underfloor heating. With Quick Board insulation, the warm-up time is halved. It's a win-win situation - fast snow melting and low energy consumption!

To work out your operating costs, use the formula Energy consumption (kWh) = Installed output (kW) x Connection time (h). The output depends on the size of the area you wish to cover; look at our list of items. Allow for having the installation on for a couple of hours each time. You can find the price per kilowatt hour on your last electricity bill.

Technical information
Cable type 2-wire with shielding
Cod cable length 5 m
Lowest installation temp. -5°
Connection voltage 230 V
Output 320 W/m²
Approval CE
Item number Output Width Length Area
8960280 700 W 0.5 m 4.2 m 2.1 m²
8960281 1100 W 0.5 m 6.9 m 3.5 m²
8960282 1350 W 0.5 m 8.5 m 4.2 m²
8960283 2350 W 0.5 m 1.4 m 7.2 m²
8960284 2900 W 0.5 m 1.0 m 9.0 m²

Ebeco AB provides a 10-year product warranty covering material faults with our frost protection cables/heating cable mats/heating cables made for outdoor use including accessories included in the installation.

Ebeco AB provides a 5-year product warranty for supplied thermostats.

General delivery terms is found here.

  • Timer Snowmat

    Timer for controlling Snowmat.

    Item number

    8580103 Timer Snowmat
  • Mini electrical enclosure

    Mini electrical enclosure
    For controlling smaller installations (<5 kW), IP55.
    Item number Name Height Length Depth
    8935144 Mini electrical enclosure 1x13A 175 mm 125 mm 114 mm
    8935145 Mini electrical enclosure 1x16A 175 mm 125 mm 114 mm
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