Multiflex 27

  • Multiflex 27

With Multiflex 27 you can easily keep garage ramps, entrances, ramps, loading bays and stairs in public or private environments free of ice and snow. The risk of slipping is minimised with no need to shovel, grit or salt. Better accessibility and better safety. With the right control, it is also an economical installation.


Multiflex is a series resistant heating cable with return cable that is designed to cope with the toughest requirements. The cable is insulated with Teflon and has extremely high temperature tolerance, giving a very long lifetime.


This heating cable is designed to be laid in a sand bed under asphalt or stone. It can also be laid in an aggregate-free layer over a concrete slab or fixed to reinforcement for embedding. Normal installation is about 30-70 mm below the final surface.


The installation can be controlled with a thermostat. For larger installations (>5kW) we recommend temperature and moisture based control. With this type of control, energy savings of up to 75% can be obtained.

Technical information
Cable type 2-wire with shielding
Cold cable length 5 m
Cable diameter 6,5 mm
Lowest installation temp. -5 °C
Connection voltage 230 V
Smallest bend radius 35 mm
Output 27 W/m
Approval CE
Item number Output Length Area with 300W/m² Area with 250W/m² Area with 200W/m²
8960760 1000 W 37 m 3.5 m² 4 m² 5 m²
8960762 1300 W 46 m 4.5 m² 5 m² 6.5 m²
8960764 1500 W 55 m 5 m² 6 m² 7.5 m²
8960766 1850 W 68 m 6 m² 7.5 m² 9 m²
8960768 2150 W 79 m 7 m² 8.5 m² 11 m²
8960770 2700 W 99 m 9 m² 11 m² 13.5 m²
8960772 3200 W 120 m 11 m² 13 m² 16 m²
8960774 3650 W 132 m 12 m² 14.5 m² 18 m²
8960776 4250 W 156 m 14 m² 17 m² 21.5 m²

Ebeco AB provides a 10-year product warranty covering material faults with our frost protection cables/heating cable mats/heating cables made for outdoor use including accessories included in the installation.

Ebeco AB provides a 5-year product warranty for supplied thermostats.

General delivery terms is found here.

  • Electrical enclosure, small installations

    Electrical enclosure, small installations
    Simple and user-friendly electrical enclosure for control of smaller installations(<5kW). Styrs av EB-Therm 800 termostat.
    Item number Name
    8960000 Electrical enclosure with EB-Therm 800 1x13A, IP30
    8960001 Electrical enclosure with EB-Therm 800 1x16A, IP30
    8960002 Electrical enclosure with EB-Therm 800 3x13A, IP30
    8960003 Electrical enclosure with EB-Therm 800 3x16A, IP30
  • Ground sensor

    Ground sensor
    Moisture and temperature probe for melting snow on the ground. Used as an accessory for EB-Therm 800 in max-/min positions.
    Item number Name Length
    8580101 Ground sensor EB800 15 m connection cable
  • Stainless strap

    Stainless strap
    Used for fixing heating cables in industrial installations.
    Item number Name Length
    8935035 Stainless strap 10m
  • Timer Snowmat

    Timer for controlling Snowmat.

    Item number

    8580103 Timer Snowmat
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