Frostvakt 25 ®

  • Frostvakt 25®
  • Frostvakt 25®
  • Frostvakt 25®
  • Frostvakt 25®

Ebeco Frostvakt 25 prevents problems with icicles in gutters and damage caused by frozen drainpipes.


Frostvakt 25 has a fitted 4-metre connection cable with a plug. It can easily be connected to an earthed wall socket via an earth fault breaker. You can use Frostvakt 25 on gutters and drainpipes to melt snow and prevent a build-up of ice, but it can also be used in other areas where cold and frost are a problem.

Intelligent heating cable

The heating cable cannot overheat because it is self-adjusting.. And it can be crossed to fit the gutter perfectly. It gives maximum output only when needed, when there is ice and snow. In the parts of the installation where the snow has melted and heat is no longer needed, the cable adjusts its output by up to 50%, which makes it an economical form of frost protection. It is parallel resistive, which means that the self-adjusting heating cable consists of two parallel wires embedded in a semiconductor material that adapts its output according to the ambient temperature. Even though it may above zero outside and the frost prevention effect is not needed, the heating cable will still be turned on. To turn it off completely, you must pull out the plug or use Frostvakt Control, which turns the cable off in temperatures above freezing point.

Frost protection in gutters and drainpipes

Frostvakt 25 is excellent for temporary installation in gutters and drainpipes. You can easily fix it to the gutter with the aid of Ebeco Smartclip R and connect to a 230 V earthed socket via an earth fault breaker. Easy to remove when winter is over. For permanent installation a strain relief connector must be used and the installation must be in accordance with current electrical installation rules.

Frost protection for heat pumps

Frostvakt 25 can be fitted against the plate to prevent condensation from freezing, which heating cables with a lower output normally cannot manager.

Frost protection for pipes

Frostvakt 25 can be used on the outside of pipes Ø 75 mm or larger. A Ø 110 mm pipe with 20 mm insulation can manage -30 °C when protected with Frostvakt 25. For frost protection of smaller pipes, use Frostvakt 10, which has a lower output.

Frost protection of property

For larger properties, we recommend a long-term alternative with a fixed installation. Ebeco Smart Roofs is a profitable investment that creates security for both people and properties. The system consists of a robust heating cable with smart control that minimises energy consumption.

Technical information
DIMENSIONS 10.5 x 6.0 mm
OUTPUT 25 W/m at +5° fitted to metal pipe
Built-in UV protection Tolerates sunlight
Item number Name Output
8960471 Frostvakt 5 m 125 W
8960472 Frostvakt 8 m 200 W
8960473 Frostvakt 12 m 300 W
8960474 Frostvakt 16 m 400 W
8960475 Frostvakt 20 m 500 W
8960476 Frostvakt 25 m 625 W
8960477 Frostvakt 30 m 750 W
  • Roof support bracket

    Roof support bracket
    Used when installing Ebeco T-18/T-18 CT or Frostvakt 25 to support the heating cable when lowering into drainpipes/gutters.
    Item number name
    8960962 Support bracket T-18
  • Smartclip

    Smartclip F
    Smartclip makes installing heating cable on roofs quick and easy. Available for gutters and eaves.
    Item number Name
    8960973 Smartclip F black, 10 pcs
    8960974 Smartclip H black, 25 pcs
    8960976 Smartclip U black, 2 pcs
    8960978 Smartclip T black, 2 pcs


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