• T-18

T-18 is an intelligent, self-adjusting heating cable that recognises the ambient temperature and adjusts output accordingly.

T-18 heating cable's self-adjusting properties make it easy to lay and install. The cable is simply laid out and fixed in place with Smartcips or glued to the gutter. It is laid out along the gutter until it reaches the first drainpipe. A branch is then made with one of the cables down into the drainpipe and the other continues to the next drainpipe, where the process is repeated.T-18 is supplied by the linear metre and is marked in metres to make working out lengths easier. Ebeco T-18 CT should be used for felt and asphalt roofs. T-18 is PVC-free and RoHS-approved, which means it contains no environmentally harmful substances. The built-in UV protection means it can be laid in full sunshine.

Technical information
Max operating temperature +65°C
Operating voltage 230 Volt
Lowest installation temp -50°C
Smallest bend radius 25 mm
Dimensions 10.3 x 5,5 mm
Output at +5°C ii air c. 18 W/m
Output in ice and snow c. 36 W/m
Max connection length at 10 A 71 m
Max connection length at 16 A 114 m
Max self-load-bearing length 30 m

Cable design:

1. Outer casing
2. Earth shielding
3. Insulation bed TPE
4. Self-limiting core material
5. Wire, tinned copper

Item number Name
8960480 Ebeco T-18 self-limiting heating cable
8960482 Ebeco T-18 CT (for felt and asphalt roofs)



Ebeco AB provides a 10-year product warranty covering material faults with our frost protection cables/heating cable mats/heating cables
made for outdoor use including accessories included in the installation.

Ebeco AB provides a 5-year product warranty for supplied thermostats.

General delivery terms is found here.

  • Termination set T-18

    Termination set T-18
    Complete connection kit for Ebeco T-18 for installation with Smartlock.
    Item number Name
    8935102 Termination set T-18


  • Connection /end kit T-18

    Art. No Article
    8960411 Connection/end kit T-18
  • Joining set

    Complete set for joining Ebeco T-18/T-18 CT/F-10.
    Item number Name RSK number
    8960412 Joining set 2405007
  • Roof glue cartridge

    Roof glue cartridge
    Used for installing Ebeco T-18 heating cable for frost protection of gutters and drainpipes. Sufficient for 50 m cable.
    Item number Name
    1647218 Roof glue cartridge
  • Roof support bracket

    Roof support bracket
    Used when installing Ebeco T-18/T-18 CT or Frostvakt 25 to support the heating cable when lowering into drainpipes/gutters.
    Item number name
    8960962 Support bracket T-18
  • Heating cable sign

    Heating cable sign
    Informs that heating cable is installed.
    Item number Name
    8960963 Heating cable sign
  • Ebeco Gel

    Ebeco Gel
    Sealing compound for 2 connection boxes. Hardens in 10 minutes at 20°C. Mixed at temperatures above -10°C. Can be dismantled. Non-toxic, no protective gloves are needed but avoid contact with eyes. Max 1000 V IP68.
    Item number Name
    0796802 Ebeco Gel 170 g
  • Electrical enclosure, small installations

    Electrical enclosure, small installations
    Simple and user-friendly electrical enclosure for control of smaller installations(<5kW). Styrs av EB-Therm 800 termostat.
    Item number Name
    8960000 Electrical enclosure with EB-Therm 800 1x13A, IP30
    8960001 Electrical enclosure with EB-Therm 800 1x16A, IP30
    8960002 Electrical enclosure with EB-Therm 800 3x13A, IP30
    8960003 Electrical enclosure with EB-Therm 800 3x16A, IP30
  • Panelboard GROUND

    For advanced control of large installation (>5 kW)


    Art. noArticle
    8960054Panelboard 3x13 A, Temp/Moisture Control, IP55
    8960055Panelboard 3x16 A, Temp/Moisture Control, IP55
    8960056Panelboard 3x20 A, Temp/Moisture Control, IP55
    8960072Panelboard 3x25 A, Temp/Moisture Control, IP55
    8960057Panelboard 6x13 A, Temp/Moisture Control, IP55
    8960058Panelboard 6x16 A, Temp/Moisture Control, IP55
    8960059Panelboard 6x20 A, Temp/Moisture Control, IP55
    8960073Panelboard 6x25 A, Temp/Moisture Control, IP55
    8960060Panelboard 9x13 A, Temp/Moisture Control, IP55
    8960061Panelboard 9x16 A, Temp/Moisture Control, IP55
    8960062Panelboard 9x20 A, Temp/Moisture Control, IP55
    8960074Panelboard 9x25 A, Temp/Moisture Control, IP55
    8960063Panelboard 12x13 A, Temp/Moisture Control, IP55
    8960064Panelboard 12x16 A, Temp/Moisture Control, IP55
    8960065Panelboard 12x20 A, Temp/Moisture Control, IP55
    8960075Panelboard 12x25 A, Temp/Moisture Control, IP55
    8960066Panelboard 15x13 A, Temp/Moisture Control, IP55
    8960067Panelboard 15x16 A, Temp/Moisture Control, IP55
    8960068Panelboard 15x20 A, Temp/Moisture Control, IP55
    8960076Panelboard 15x25 A, Temp/Moisture Control, IP55
    8960069Panelboard 18x13 A, Temp/Moisture Control, IP55
    8960070Panelboard 18x16 A, Temp/Moisture Control, IP55
    8960071Panelboard 18x20 A, Temp/Moisture Control, IP55
    8960077Panelboard 18x25 A, Temp/Moisture Control, IP55
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