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Ice-free ground in Bäckebol with new ground installation

Keeping entrances, driveways and steps snow and ice free during the cold season can sometimes be easier said than done. As a property owner, you are obliged to keep the front of you property clear. This obviously reduces the risk of accidents but it also increases both availability and accessibility. Ground heating minimises the risk of slipping and also avoids shovelling, sanding and salting. Outside the entrance to a furniture store in Bäckebol just north of Gothenburg, there was an old ground installation that needed to be redone. There we met AQT Elservice, who replaced the entire ground installation using Ebeco products.

Markvärme i sandbädd i Bäckebol

Ground heating for increased accessibility

The department store had long had troubles with its old ground installation. The old heating cables had been burned into the insulation and gone too far from the surface being heated. The installation was located just outside the main entrance and it was decided to replace everything so it would not be necessary to worry about the winter.

Peter Gustafsson, product manager at Ebeco, explains:

Ground installations are a good investment for both public and private environments. Keeping snow and ice at bay can be a struggle without the help of heating. Multiflex 27 is a product that makes the job easier. Plus, back pain caused by endless snow clearing as well as other injuries can be avoided.

Multiflex 27 - with the right to heat

With Multiflex 27 you can easily keep entrances, ramps, loading bays and steps free from snow and ice. Before laying the heating cable, the sub-work must be carried out: first the insulation is laid and on that a sand bed as well as a layer of reinforcement. Multiflex 27 heating cable is then attached to the reinforcement. A surface layer is laid on top, which in this case paving stones.

Installatör installerar Markvärme i Bäckebol

Andreas Marmin at AQT Elservice states:

It has been easy to work with Multiflex 27 for this project. We have worked with Ebeco for many years and are very satisfied with the design help and support we receive. There are never any problems!

Guaranteed satisfied customer

The Ebeco Garantera app was used when the ground installation was installed. It helps him easily keep track of the installation and make sure that everything is documented, that all cables are checked both before and after installation so that no cables are damaged during the process itself. This also means that the entire installation is assured and that the documentation is available over time.

We use Garantera for all our projects and think it works really well. It is great to have all our projects together in one place, Andreas explains.

See our Garantera guide.


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