Self-regulating 2-conductor with screen


  • Part of our Smarta Tak solution
  • For metal and plastic gutters and downpipes
  • Självreglerande
  • W/m
    18-36 W/m
  • Löpmeter
    Running metres
  • Energy efficient
  • Can be cut and crossed for perfect adaptation
  • Smart accessories
Self-regulating heating cable that detects the ambient temperature and adjusts output accordingly. Part of our Smarta Tak solution. With its thermoplastic outer casing, it is well suited for laying in gutters and downpipes made of metal and plastic. Complemented by other products and accessories within our Smarta Tak solution.


Specification Data
Connection voltage 230 V
Number of conductors 2 pcs
Bending radius, min. 25 mm
Output 15 W/m at 10°C
Exposure temperature (power off), max. 80 ºC
Exposure temperature (power on), max. Up to 65 ºC
Installation temperature, min. -50 ºC
Insulation material inner PP
Insulation material outer PP
Cable type Self-regulating 2-conductor with screen
Conductor area 1,23 mm²
Protective conductor Aluminium foil
UV resistance Yes


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10 year product guarantee in case of material defects.

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