Series-resistive 2-conductor with screen on mesh


  • Snow melting installations
  • Laid in a sand bed or embedded in concrete
  • Nät
  • 320 W/m²
    320 W/m²
  • Quick and easy placement
  • Classified M2
  • Robust and durable
Snowmat consists of a heating cable mounted on a net that is quick and easy to unroll. The heating cable mat is designed to be laid in a sand bed under asphalt or stone. You can also embed it in an aggregate-free layer on top of a concrete slab, 30-50 mm deep. Together with Snowmat timer, Snowmat is a fast, simple and effective snow melting system. Simply turn it on when it starts snowing. You can also choose to control the installation with an electrical enclosure, with temperature and moisture control for automatic sensing.



Specification Data
Connection voltage 230 V
Length Connection cable 5,0 m
Number of conductors 2 pcs
Output 320 W/m²
Installation temperature, min. -5 ºC
Insulation material intermediate XLPE
Insulation material inner ETFE
Insulation material outer PVC
Cable type Series-resistive 1-conductor with screen
Enclosure class IP67
Mat Alkali-resistant fibreglass mesh
Protective conductor Braided
UV resistance Yes


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