Kopplingsdosa ELAK

Junction box ELAK-RS


  • For ELSR-N/-H/-LS/-W/-SH/-SHH
Round junction box with mounting bracket for pipes. Thanks to the shape of the box, the inserted cable does not need to bend sharply and thus reduces the risk of damage. Thanks to the mounting bracket provided, no angle irons are needed. This is particularly advantageous for heating cables on pipes because the cable can be inserted directly through the mounting bracket. In addition, no fixing screws are needed for heating pipes. Thanks to the unique snap closure, you can quickly close the cover without the need for any special tools. A safety lock with accompanying tools prevents the cover from moving. Additional mounting options make it possible to attach rating plates for easy identification of heating circuits in complex systems.

Junction box ELAK-RS


Specification Data
Connection terminal heating cable/sensor Max. 6 mm² / max. 1.5 mm²
Working temperature (mounting bracket) -20-200 °C
Insulation, max 120 mm
Enclosure class IP65
Material Plastic
Installation Pipe mounting
Ambient temperature -45 - 50 ºC
Outer diameter of the pipe, min 20 mm



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